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Embrace the blur | Smiling Watermelon
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Embrace the blur

by Juliemara






You know those beautiful picture people have of their kids. The big ones, in the fancy frame where the small child is standing in a perfect three quarter pose with socks perfectly folded and smiling just enough to look happy without it being forced. Yeah, I don’t have that picture of the girls. I have thought about taking them to a studio to get one, but the thought of spending hundreds of dollars to give up a fun Saturday or Sunday outside just doesn’t seem worth it. Sure, they are beautiful and I am sure I will regret not having taken that photo one day but hopefully one of the 10,000 pictures I do have will fill the void. What I do have are thousands of pictures of moments we have spent together.
Most are blurry moments of two little toddlers whizzing by in every direction.

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  1. Susan Nehmen permalink
    April 4, 2013

    Your pictures are precious! Just have a good friend meet you at the playground with a camera and start shooting pictures of the four of you and you will have beautiful family pictures to add to the blog! xx

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