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by Juliemara






Getting bigger everyday. They have more words, some in English, some in Hebrew, which I usually don’t know are words until someone else tells me.

Talia trys new words more often than Jordan, but Jordan says her few words very clearly. It was the same story when they learn to walk. Talia took her steps first but Jordan practiced non stop until she had it down. Remember this video

I wish I was as talented a writer as one of my favorite blogging mamas Melissa. She writes about her love for her babies so clearly and honestly that her posts bring me to tears on a regular basis. Actually a lot of thisng bring tears to my eyes on a regular basis, Greys Anatomy, Seeing Facebook Friends welcome new babies into their worlds, finding out that Kassi, who I only know through Instagram photos, twin baby boy has CF and that there is no cure. I have always been a sentimental person who was very good at hiding it. But having kids puts that sentiment on your sleeve. I LOVE these two little people so much it hurts.


I want to give them the opportunity to see and do everything. I remember when I was little using my imagination to entertain me a lot, staring into the sky, searching through the blades of grass to see what was hiding in the dirt. I want to give my children opportunities like these to find something to discover. The other day we were outside playing, their water table was empty so they proceeded to pick up hand fulls of pine straw to fill it. Soon there was the tiniest little bug crawling around inside the table. They both watched it go this way and that and back again, making squeaky little noises when it disappeared under a piece of straw and again when it reappeared. Watching them enjoy that little bugs adventures brought tears to my eyes. And like I always do when ever they do just about anything I wrapped my arms around them and smother them with kisses.

My sweet little girls, you truly are the coolest people I’ve ever met.

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