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2013 April | Smiling Watermelon
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A family photo

by Juliemara


It’s a little dark but it’s probably one of the best candid family photos I have ever been a part of. It was a great day about a month ago. My husbands family was in from overseas and his brother from the west coast. Unfortunately his sister wasn’t able to make this visit. We were spending the day at a friends home by the river, it was a sunny and beautiful spring day, not too hot, perfect really. We cooked out, fed the ducks, played in the grass and watched the water flow down the river. I’m glad the warmer weather is hear, I’m looking forward to more days spent outside watching the world go by.

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Polka dot dresses

by Juliemara


I really don’t know how it happen but Talia and Jordan went and got big before they were invited to enough fancy events to wear all their pretty little dresses. So my sweet nanny dresses them in their finest for outings to the zoo, play group and dinner with the family. Sure I get sad when they get greasy food on the fronts, but it’s a lot sadder when they grow out of all these dresses without ever having a chance to wear them. Se la vie if a stain is meant to be then it’s meant to be. I can’t save every little dress for a special occasion because, seriously, how many special occasions does a one year old have? not too many, so why not make everyday y a special occasion, hey it’s a good life lesson any way. I use to live in New York City, while I was there I was invited to a party, just a regular party at some ones apartment, but this party had a theme “Black Tie”. I think getting ready with my friends and walking through the streets in a fancy gown was half the fun of the night, we all felt so good being dressed to the nines. Try it some time, get all dressed uopand go to waffle house at midnight, no one has to know you didn’t come from from swanky party.




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by Juliemara

Jordan, seems to know when a smile can brighten my day.

Talia, so proud of herself for learning how to buckle. And she says “agea” when she is ready for me to undo the buckle so she can do it again.

Some of the girls art work, Talia on the left, Jordan on the right


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A little lovin

by Juliemara

A built in best friend, they are so lucky to have each other. We are so lucky to have them.





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by Juliemara


We have a very regimented bedtime routine, it starts with dinner time.
6/6:30 dinner
7 bath
After bath the girls get their milk while we are putting their diapers and lotion on. They usually drink about half their milk and start being crazy.


Running around, screaming and yelling, climbing and jumping on whatever they can. It usually takes us about 10 minutes to get their pjs on them. Then they play for a few minutes. A few minutes before 8 we sit with them on the couch and read a story while they finish their milk. When the story is done we head to the bathroom to brush teeth and then straight to bed.


Talia and Jordan are smart little people they know the routine and they know what the next activity is and when it’s coming. So each night around 7:45 the girls stop being crazy and start playing calmly and quietly by themselves. It’s like they know that if they are quiet I may forget they are still awake. Sometimes I let them play a few more minutes but when they start rubbing their eyes and laying their heads down on Mr. Bear, I know it’s time for bed.







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New obsession

by Juliemara


For the most part when the girls watch tv it’s videos in Hebrew but we have a few Baby Einstein and Sesame Street videos. The girls watched one with Elmo for the first time last week and it has turned into an instant obsession. The ask for Elmo all day long, as soon as the wake up, when we are in the car ( they have never watched a video in the car), after dinner. They think stop signs are Elmo! It’s hard to deny them this great pleasure because Sesame Street really is a great educational show for the little ones and the way they jump up and down in excitement is just too much cuteness to pass up. There are a few episodes of R’chov Soomsoom, the Israeli Sesame Street, on you tube, but most are just a few minutes long. So for now they watch in English.





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Weekend fun Photos and a Big Thank You!

by Juliemara


My mom was in town this weekend, I love hearing the stories she tells of her friends who drink their morning coffee with my blog posts each morning. Blogging is a lot of work without much reward. But I don’t do it for the recognition, I do it for down the road.


Even now, I will click on a “you may also like” box and read a post I wrote months ago. I know one day when I no longer write I will be glad I can look back and have it all there, categorized and archived forever. But for now, I love writing and I know that my readers love reading because you vote! 20130423-113808.jpg

And because you vote I have stayed on page one of Top Baby Blogs and even moved up recently to #12! Thank you, Thank you! A special thank you to Safta and Saba, Nana and Grandaddy, and Debbie and Susan who are a few of the many who make a point to vote everyday from each of their devices.The biggest compliment you can give a blogger is more exposure, lots of new people have found my blog via Top Baby Blogs.






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by Juliemara

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Jordan, the innocence look is deceiving.

Talia, I think she knows the little things she does are cute.



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DIY chefs kitchen spice cabinet organization

by Juliemara

Spice racks are great for cooks who use a dash here and a pinch there, but in our house, the racks that hold 24 and turn around just won’t cut it. No, we have an entire kitchen cabinet dedicated to spices and seasonings. Our resident chef, my husband, is from Israel, so Mediterranean flavors a are a staple. Cumin, paprika, turmeric, Zatar and shwarma seasoning can always be found in our spice cabinet. He’s also part Italian so we can not run out of basil, oregano, parsley and garlic powder is stocked in bulk. We love to make Thai food and Indian food and one of my favorites is Mexican. To have enough spices and seasonings on hand to make a dish from any of these cuisines at a moments notice means a packed spice cabinet.


We bought this great adjustable cabinet shelf, but all it did was hide more spices in the back of the cabinet. As a result we ended up with duplicates of many spices since we couldn’t find the first one when we needed it. I had to solve the problem so I did it in the easiest way possible. Spice steps!

1) Measure the width of your cabinet

2)Cut several pieces of 2″ x 4″ slightly shorter than your cabinet is wide.


3)Stack the wood in a step pattern


4)Organize a away



You can pick up a 2″x4″ at Lowes or Home Depot and if you ask they might even cut it for you there. If not you can buy a hand saw and get the job done pretty quick.

Plus it’s a great saw to have for future DIY projects!

If you have a taller shelf than I did you can stack the wood two or three high for each step so that the lables don’t get hidden. We don’t have that much space so I grouped the spices by style of jar, then we just have to remember what type of jar each spice is in.

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a video

by Juliemara

sometimes I wish we were on a reality show so I could have video documentation of every moment of the girls lives. But I know that is ridiculous so I’ll just keep being mamaratzzi.


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