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Everything is Interesting

by Juliemara


It’s official, they are into everything! And everything they find is the most interesting thing that ever existed and if, as a parent, I deem it unsafe, inappropriate or just plain not theirs to play with, it is the biggest heartbreak one could experience. At home, Jordan reacts to not getting she wants by crying then sitting on her tush and finally lowering herself carefully to the floor until she is laying on her back kicking her feet and sobbing. I walk away because I know that it ‘s not nice for her to see me laugh. Talia is much more convincing. The piercing scream, followed by the scrunched up face and real tears get us almost every time, we try to be strong, but this girl is good.

We have a few really great friends who have kids the same age and invite up often for play dates. While we love entertaining at our house, getting out and visiting friends at theirs is a special kind of fun. For my husband and I it’s quality time that we get to spend with relaxing friends and playing with our girls without the worry of cooking, Foror the girls the newness of a new space and more importantly a whole new set of toys is ultimate happiness. Between the two of them they explore and inspect every square inch of their new play space, which usually involves climbing as high as they can before we stop them and of course figuring out every toy inside and out. It’s fun to watch them getting excited over new things. When Jordan gets excited she says “waaaow” and shimmies her shoulders. Talia flips her hands up, shrugs her shoulders and babbles “Weetsu, weetsu.

All this playing usually tired the girls out pretty good. But it also does the same to us!


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