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The gift of a great toy

by Juliemara


We recently celebrated Purim, the Jewish holiday of celebration when the Jewish people were spared their lives, once again in history, this time by Queen Ester. It’s a festive holiday when children dress up in costume and receive gifts of sweet treats or Toys!


The girls Aunt Cilla, my sister -in-law, sent a Purim care package all the way from Israel. We all love when special packages come from Israel, they are always filled with special trinkets or unique items that can’t be found here in the states, and every once in a while there is a bag of yummy Israeli chocolate, which, while you can get it here, just tastes better when it comes from overseas.

Aunt Cilla sent the girls two gifts, one for now and one for latter. The one for later is a board game, an adorable animal matching game for when they are a little older. The now gift are the beautiful Hebrew alphabet blocks.


The girls are just now learning to stack and loving to knock down.wooden-blocks wooden-blockswooden-blockswooden-blockswooden-blockswooden-blockswooden-blockswooden-blocks

As they get older and learn their letters the blocks will be fun to play spelling games with. And an added bonus, they look pretty cute all stacked up on the shelf.


Thanks Aunt Cilla the blocks and board game are such a special treat.


Love, Talia and Jordan

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