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2013 March | Smiling Watermelon
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DIY Vintage Ruler Height Chart

by Juliemara

I’m big on tradition and memorabilia. I have fond memories of hunting though boxes in the basement looking for relics of the past. Toys from my Dad’s childhood, pictures from when my parents first met, a 1970’s Pyrex juice craft, crochet baby blankets that could have belonged to any one of my sisters or me. Sometimes I save things just so that my girls can find it one day, I call it organized hording. They probably won’t remember being a part of this project, but it’s one that when they are grown and it has been put away for a decade or so. I’ll pull it out and we will look at the dates and the tiny numbers, they’ll laugh at the though that they were ever under two feet tall and I’ll blink back the tears thinking how I couldn’t always tell them apart by only seeing the tops of their heads.

I discovered this DIY Vintage Ruler Height Chart project on Pinterest about a year ago, added it to my Kid Stuff board and hoped that one day I would create it before they outgrew it.

I did, and here’s how. I went to home depot and bought a pre – cut 6′ tall and 10″ wide board, a 220 grit sanding block, Minwax wood stain in Honey and a spray polyurethane top coat. At Micheal’s I got a large black paint pen.


I put a drop cloth under the board in case the stain dripped

After brushing on the stain with the paint brush, wipe it quickly with a clean cloth to even out the stain


Once i was done I realized there was an x in the wood, so I had to stain the other side


It took me three evenings to complete it, about two hours each evening. You can read a full tutorial on the project from the blogger who created it first here.



I love how it turned out.


I must say, this is one that I wish I had finished before they learn to stand on their own. According to their 9 month appointment they were 27 1/2inches, I could mark the chart but that would be lying and I would remember that I cheated every time I looked at it. So the first mark is from January 17th, 2012. the girls were 15 months old and 30 1/2 inches tall. Getting them to stand thier long enough to make the mark was quite a challenge, getting them to stand there long enough to take a picture in front of the chart, impossible. Heance the lack of the picture.

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I’m Back!

by Juliemara

I took an unannounced blog vacation, then when I came back to start writing again I had no blog at all because of technical difficulties. But no worries, all that is behind us.


This past weekend we traveled to North Carolina, where my parents live, to celebrate the start of the Passover holiday with my family.


I had every intention of keeping up with my blog posts but after the eightieth trip up and down the steps in my parents house (our house is one story living) and days filled with activities I was too tired to do anything at night but go to sleep.


As exhausting as any trip with the girls is, I love visiting my home town. I always run into people I know when we are out and about. My parents get to be reminded how great empty nest life is and my husband and I get to let the girls in on our favorite North Carolina treats.

Hello Donut World!


We made a quick stop after our last supper before the start of the holiday and the taste has been lingering in my mind ever since. If you are ever in Greensboro, NC or even just passing though a quick detour for these donuts will not disappoint.

Back to crazy twins…Talia and Jordan have become little performers. In the last week or so they put of the crazy toddler show when ever they have an audience.

Jordan front, Talia back


They run around crazy, climbing and jumping of anything they can reach. They dress up in hair accessories, hats, tutus or anything else that’s handy to get a laugh. They crack each other up, dance and clap for themselves at a performance well played. Eventually they tire and have started asking to be put to bed.

The fun never ends.

Jordan left, Talia right


Here’s a short Video of the girls Jumping dance.






Jordan left, Talia right




Talia front, Jordan back



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by Juliemara

Week twelve of 2013, where did the first quarter of the year go?



Jordan is still as sweet as they come. I love when she lays down to rest with her stuffed animals after playing as hard as she can.



Talia only wants to do what Talia wants to do. Last weekend she slept until 8:30 snuggled in her abbas arms.


Happy Friday!

And Happy Birthday Sandra! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating with your family.

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Good morning

by Juliemara


Talia and Jordan both learned how to unzip their coats. This was after our 7:30am outing to the new swings in the backyard. 20130320-092603.jpgThese fuzzy little coats are from Carters. The zippers they use are great because the zipper teeth are thick plastic so it’s easy for kids to learn to open and close all by themselves. Talia and Jordan don’t have the close part down yet, but they are working on it.

And Jordan wanted to say good morning too. 20130320-090749.jpg

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Two of a kind

by Juliemara












They understand everything we say, well almost everything. They understand more Hebrew than English. If I ask them to do something in English and they don’t do it, I’ll ask again in the little Hebrew I know and the next thing they are doing exactly as I asked.

I say Jordan give me a big hug,she runs straight into me, wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes.

When Talia finds a book she wants to read, I say want to read the book, she nods and backs up to sit in my lap so we can read the story.

It’s these little things that make me love being their mommy so much.

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Everything is Interesting

by Juliemara


It’s official, they are into everything! And everything they find is the most interesting thing that ever existed and if, as a parent, I deem it unsafe, inappropriate or just plain not theirs to play with, it is the biggest heartbreak one could experience. At home, Jordan reacts to not getting she wants by crying then sitting on her tush and finally lowering herself carefully to the floor until she is laying on her back kicking her feet and sobbing. I walk away because I know that it ‘s not nice for her to see me laugh. Talia is much more convincing. The piercing scream, followed by the scrunched up face and real tears get us almost every time, we try to be strong, but this girl is good.

We have a few really great friends who have kids the same age and invite up often for play dates. While we love entertaining at our house, getting out and visiting friends at theirs is a special kind of fun. For my husband and I it’s quality time that we get to spend with relaxing friends and playing with our girls without the worry of cooking, Foror the girls the newness of a new space and more importantly a whole new set of toys is ultimate happiness. Between the two of them they explore and inspect every square inch of their new play space, which usually involves climbing as high as they can before we stop them and of course figuring out every toy inside and out. It’s fun to watch them getting excited over new things. When Jordan gets excited she says “waaaow” and shimmies her shoulders. Talia flips her hands up, shrugs her shoulders and babbles “Weetsu, weetsu.

All this playing usually tired the girls out pretty good. But it also does the same to us!


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by Juliemara

I missed 10/52 last week because sometimes there isn’t enough time to do it all. And I am constantly trying to remind myself that that is ok.

This project isn’t about being perfect its about learning and experimenting with my creativity in the form of photos.





I added some cute videos of the girls to Smiling Watermelons Facebook page.

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Kooroo for you

by Juliemara


And we got two!

I recently received a lovely surprise in the mail, they were actually for the girls but I got the pleasure of opening the delicately wrapped package.

Even before I cut into the box I loved the gifts already. The shipping package was brightly covered with cute graphics and inspiring quotes.









“The sea, that creates the breeze that rolls on land that blows through trees pushes the pinwheel. The sound it makes is kooroo, kooroo. We are always continually spinning.”

Kooroo is a set of beliefs, it’s about living a whole balanced life while creating beauty from local resources.

At koorookooroo.comthe products sold are made with these ideas in mind. Lovely notebooks for keeping creative ideas organized or the sweet hand crochet toys Talia and Jordan received to inspire the imagination.

These thoughtful little items would make a great gift for a friend getting ready to travel or a baby’s first birthday. A little something someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but would definantly brighten anyone’s day.

Thank you koorookooroo.com we love our new little treasures.






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Spring forward

by Juliemara


Time continues to fly, the girls keep getting bigger and smarter. This past weekend we said good bye to winter and sprung forward to spring.

The girls have been sleeping later these past couple if days, hopefully that will last. The last few weeks of 4:30 wake ups and the screaming that came with it was not fun.

The winter was cold but we made the most of it and spent lots of Saturdays and Sundays with friends and family. Now that the weather is warming up we are looking forward to morning walks though the woods and afternoons at the splash park. Summer is my favorite time of year. And based on how much our girls love the water I think it will be there’s too. I wonder if they will remember swimming in the pool.


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Too little time

by Juliemara


I’ve been absent a lot lately. This month is my busy time at work. Which means that six months worth of product has to get designed in three weeks. I’ve been working late almost every night so when I get home and eat dinner I barley have enough energy to get ready for bed and none for writing blog posts.

We had a great weekend. It was beautiful here and the warm weather is expected to stick.





I had to go to work for a few hours on Sunday, so I missed bed time for the fifth time this week. I’m not going to candy coat it, missing bed time with the girls makes me sad. But I’m lucky that it only happens a couple of weeks a year and I have a wonderful husband who can handle it all by himself.

Thanks for the loaner pj’s Livia!

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