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9/52 | Smiling Watermelon
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by Juliemara


This weeks pictures are a special for me. I got a new lens! It’s a 50mm fixed zoom lens. It’s the special lens that makes backgrounds blurry and subjects pop. I love it! The only trick to taking nice pictures is to focus on your main point then move the camera to capture the frame you want. Take a look at this professional photo by Elizabeth Messina,  the focal point is along the bottom horizontal line and the mom and baby are both off set from center towards the right vertical line.


The focal point of a great photo is almost never directly in the middle of the photo. That’s on purpose. The eye is more interested in images where the most interesting point is father to one side or the top or bottom.

In this photo of Talia her face is the focal point, towards the top, not the center of the frame. I should have done a better job focusing her face rather than her shirt as well as placed her body along the vertical line to the left rather than in the center.


I cropped the above photo of Jordan to show what a better composition would have been, with her face at the intersection of the top and left third lines.


I’m no professional photographer but I am trying to get better with every click. Grab your camera this weekend an make a point not to center your subject, see what happens. I’d love to hear about it on Monday or share your captured treasures on instagram and tag me @smilingwatermelon so I can see too!



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