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Little moments, big changes

by Juliemara

It really does just keep getting more fun. Talia and Jordan learn at the speed of light these days. Some of their new favorite things to do are “wash hands” after dinner. I save this activity for only after dinner because next is bath and since washing hands turns into soaked toddlers getting straight into bath rather than having to change outfits is just easier.

The girls are all about climbing these days. Pushing chairs around our great room to see what they can get access to. Like the kitchen island, the upper bookshelves and over the sides of the couch. Of course I am constantly worried that they will fall and get hurt and most of the time they do. I try to remind them that chairs are for sitting but the truth is kids climb and they will always climb and I really love that they have this sense of adventure. I just try to make sure that there are no sharp corners to fall on. I can deal with a bump, a cut, on the other hand gets me a little worked up.

There are a few other changes that have happened in the past month or so, the girls switched from liquid vitamin D, we have used poly-vi-sol since the girls were born, to chewable fruity multi vitamins, we get the whole foods 365 brand, plus a chewable fruity vitamin D3 supplement. The girls now sit in boosters at the table with us rather than in their high chairs. We still have the high chairs handy since we only have four dinning chairs we need them available when we have guests. And a new favorite activity is play dough! The girls will cut and mush and break the homemade play dough from this Pinterest link for a good twenty minutes before they get bored.

Winter cold and the sicknesses that have come with it are starting to get old. As the start of March approaches we are getting excited to spend more weekend days hiking on the great trails around our city. And being able to play on the deck in the mornings early hours before we head to work.
And to leave you with a 6 sec video from my vine. You can follow me on Vine by searching username smilingwatermel

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