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Where do girly girls come from

by Juliemara


Talia and Jordan are turning into little ladies, they cover their mouths when they cough, go to a private place to make poopies, like behind the couch or in a corner, and when they come across a purse or shoulder bag they slip it over their shoulder, wave to the room with a flick of the wrist and say “bye-bye”.

Where does this come from? I can only expect that what they say is true, toddlers learn from watching, they are little sponges, every move we make they are absorbing, storing away in their little memory’s. Everyday both my husband and I grab a bag, give them kisses, wave our hand as we say bye bye and walk out the door, they have come to expect this behavior from us and now imitate it. While each of these imitations are so cute and make us laugh, we have to be super careful about what behaviors we are showing them because they will continue to imitate these behaviors until they become second nature to them.


And while I love that my girls are learning about life and the world around them, and I love that they are excited to play with their nanny each day, it’s a little sad that when she arrives in the morning Talia looks at me, waves her little hand and says “bye-bye” : (

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