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Winter is for Mittens | Smiling Watermelon
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Winter is for Mittens

by Juliemara


We went back to that awesome little park near our house, the one I mentioned in this post. It was a little chilly so I brought along hats and mittens for the girls. They will sometimes keep hats on their heads if it’s cold enough, but they had never had mittens on outside before this day, and always pulled them off one second after having them put on.twin-toddlerstwin-toddlerstwin-toddlerstwin-toddlerstwin-toddlers

I had no idea how they would like them. Turns out, they like them a lot. Not only did the mittens help keep their little hands warm, but they also protected their fingers from getting scraped while playing in the dirt and wood chips.


It’s the tiny parent victories that make all the effort worth it. Although, no even a cute pair of mittens will save Jordan and Talia from  a playground spat every once in a while.


To Talia’s defense, it is hers’ and Jordans’ ball.

What is something that your your little one did that surprised you?
Brilliant little people, aren’t they?

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