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On being a mommy | Smiling Watermelon
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On being a mommy

by Juliemara


I’m good at many parts of being a new mom. I’m creative, I can think of fun toddler appropriate activities on the fly. I can make a game out of pretty much any situation. I can turn a tantrum into giggles quickly. I can anticipate accidents and prevent them a lot of the time and I can get fighting toddlers to be friends again. I can follow and adjust schedules at the drop of a hat and I can manage two toddlers all by myself at bed time if I have to.

But when the day is done and the last cup of milk is drunk, books are read and everyone is put in their crib is when the hard part starts for me. My girls are criers. Most nights they cry when I put them to bed, usually only for five minutes, maybe as long as ten, but for that short time of the day I am a complete wreak. Having to hear my girls cry at night, when I know they are tired and need to sleep, makes me want to pull my hair out, cry myself, and usually makes me feel petty sick to my stomach.

What Is That! It’s been almost a year and half and I don’t deal with the sound of their cries any better now than the night we brought them home.

I know that right now is particularly bad phase because the crying has been worse lately since we took away pacifiers, switched to one nap a day and are now dealing with the worse cough and cold the girls have had.

I wonder is there is a Facebook group out there for moms who just put their kids down and need a distraction until they fall asleep.

How do you deal with it? Listen to it? Turn up the TV loud enough not to hear it? Hold your baby until they fall asleep? I’d love to know.

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