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Time to say good bye – getting rid of the pacifer | Smiling Watermelon
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Time to say good bye – getting rid of the pacifer

by Juliemara


This past week we made the decision to get rid of the pacifiers, to make sure that no one, not myself, my husband or the girls nanny gave in and returned a pacifier to one of the girls in to the trash they went.


I made the decision that now was the right time because the girls were getting more and more attached to it by the day and at our fifteen month doctors appointment they recommended that now was a good time to be done with it.

I felt good about the decision because I had their support and to be honest I hate seeing kids walking around with a pacifier in their mouths. And on top of that I have half a dozen speech therapists who are part of my life, who, while I know would never tell me how to raise my kids, have told me many times that if a kid is sucking on a pacifier then the kid is not talking.

Up until the girls were about 9 months we gave them the pacifier to sleep or if they we’re extra fussy, which really wasn’t often. But after 9 months things changed and the started wanting it more often during the day and crying when they couldn’t find it at night. I could see it becoming an issue but I wasn’t ready to go through what giving it up meant.

The morning we decided to say goodbye I had Talia an Jordan each throw their pacifier into the garbage when they woke up. Talia didn’t skip a beat, and Jordan cried for half a second and that was that. I forgot to tell Yael, the nanny, about this event so there was a little hiccup in the plan and another round of throwing away pacifiers after their morning nap that day, but that was the last.

That night the girls cried for longer than usual, about thirty minutes. It was really hard to listen to, it’s hard when they cry for five minutes, thirty makes me want to pull my hair out. But they finally went to sleep. The morning was also a little tough, normally they would find a pacifier in their crib and fall back asleep, but at 5 am they woke up crying so I gave them milk, they drank it and fell back asleep.

I know, giving babies milk in bed is not recommended. But this brings me back to my favorite parenting advice, Do What Works For You.

The next couple of nights were similar but the crying was shorter each night and same with the mornings. Now a week later, the girls go to sleep without much of a fuss at all, wake up around 7 am almost smiling and don’t ask for it during the day. Or if they do I can’t understand what they are saying anyway.

A few times they have seen other kids with a pacifier while we are out an about and they look at it with a shocked expression, I’m sure they are thinking, “hey, where’d he get that?!”

A few more weeks they will forget they ever had it and I never have to take another picture that is ruined by a funny piece of plastic.


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