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A Day at the Park | Smiling Watermelon
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A Day at the Park

by Juliemara




Jordan-white shirt with flowers, Talia-Navy shirt with flowers)

This past weekend we took a trip to the park near our house with my parents who were visiting from North Carolina and my niece and nephew who live here. It’s the same park where we took the girls swinging for the first few times.


Talia-left, Jordan-right)

But we haven’t been back since then because the playground is covered in wood chips.


While the girls were only crawling it was no big deal to hold them in the playground if they weren’t swinging, but when the started walking it wasn’t fair to expect them to be ok with NOT getting to run around, but they would just eat wood chips, so we didn’t go there. So for the past 6 months we’ve been mainly going to a great park about 20 minutes from our house that has AstroTurf and a sail shade on the playground.
Now at 15 months the girls don’t really put things in their mouth as much and even if the do, they don’t try to swallow things that don’t taste good. Brilliant children. So off to the wood chip covered park we went. It was so awesome. When I was there previously I didn’t even pay attention to the perfect toddler sized jungle gym along side the three story talk jungle gym for the bigger kids.


Talia and Jordan had the best time running up the ramp and choosing from four different slides to go down.


The cousins were such a huge help. Even though they are big kids they are still small enough to get inside the jungle gym and help Talia and Jordan navigate there way and make sure they didn’t get hurt.



There were steps to climb, small spaces to discover, and rails to reach for.







It’s a perfect park for tiny toddlers with swings and a separate playground for the big kids.




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  1. Esther permalink
    February 7, 2013

    Julie, the girls are so-so cute and I love to listen to them laughing. We are waiting for our 3rd little girl (Keith’s 2nd) 1st week of April. 3 girls in 2 & 1/2 years..not bad. Funny, I had 3 boys and now I will have 3 little girls to play with..so much fun..Love, Esther

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