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Just Jordan | Smiling Watermelon
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Just Jordan

by Juliemara


20130121-212627.jpgAt 15 months Miss Jordan has learned how to sleep though the night. Ill talk about Talia later. I am sure that writing this is a mistake and tonight she will wake, but in so proud of her today that I want to remember it.

20130121-212633.jpgThese pictures were taken a while back. It’s not often that I am home when they are napping so the day I was able to take thee day time sleeping pictures was a special chance. She managed to get that sleep bunny lovey on her back and months later she still sleeps most of the night with her little tushi up in the air.

Each night she goes to sleep most of the time it hour a fuss between 7pm and 8pm and she doesn’t wake up until about 7 or later.


Now is Miss Talia could just get the hint and do the same. But i know she will when she is ready. For now she still wakes up once a night and cries a bit until she goes back to sleep. I don’t go in unless she cries for longer than 10 minutes. It’s not easy or fun to lie awake in bed and listen to your baby cry, but when ever I break down and go in it always makes it worse. She cries louder and longer, so I just take a deep breath and wait it out. Within a few minutes she is usually back sound asleep

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