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15 Months

by Juliemara

15 months

I had to bring it back, I was itching for those cute naked baby white couch photos. So I gt my chalk out of the draw wipe down the chalk board the girls have come to love coloring and found a fun font to use for 15 Months! In all the photos Jordan is on the left and Talia is on the right.

15 months

We went for a well visit to the Pediatrician last week here are the girls stats

Talia – 20.9 lbs, 31 inches

Jordan – 20.7 lbs, 31 inches

They were so cute at the doctors office, checking out every inch of that tiny room. And moving the little chair around to this corner, then to that one and back again. They like our doctor but weren’t too happy with the three shots they had to get. They recovered quickly though and were fine for the rest of the day.

15 months15 months15 months15 months15 months15 months

15 months15 months15 months

These days Talia and Jordan are more fun than ever they understand everything we all say in Hebrew and English! They follow directions when we say get this toy and put it over there. Or get the green ball. They have so many words already. Some are actual words and some are pseudo words (sounds that have a consistent meaning). They have words in English like Ball, no, yup (yes), bye bye and mama. They have words in Hebrew like toda (thank you), par par (butterfly) and aba (dad). Then they have the pseudo words like maimai (mayeem – water or milk), then they make sounds for some animals huv huv for dog or anything that resembles a dog, grrr for anything that looks like a bear, maaaa for a cow. And they have signals for wanting something or more of something, being all done or wanting to be all done with anything. Both girls sniff with their nose when they see a flower. Jordan’s favorite word at the moment is uh-oh, she says it consistently. She says it when something bad happens but she also says it when she does anything, sees anything, wants anything, hears anything, all day she says “uh-oh”, “ah-oh”, “ooh-oh”. And Talia had perfected “Hi”, she says it when you walk in the house, in the room or if she just hasn’t seen you in a second. The way she says it is really funny, it’s not a sweet soft high pitched “hi” it’s more like a raspy sharp, “hi”. Like she is yelling it at you, but always with a smile.

15 months

Then they have their twin babble, they talk and talk to each other in their own little language all day long. And maybe I just wanted to hear it but yesterday when Yasha and I were playing with the girls before bed time Talia wanted Jordan to come sit in the chair next to her so she patted the seat and said “Jordan”.


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