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Busy Toddlers

by Juliemara




It’s no joke when people talk about toddlers being busy, they are non stop! Talia and Jordan are really good at doing activities. They will sit and patiently participate in any activity they are presented with for all of about three minutes. So if they are awake for 9 hours, eating for about 4 of them that leaves 5 hours for activities. Getting out of the house is always fun, there are plenty of places to go, the park, Target, grocery store, the mall, music class and story time. But I don’t like for the girls to be in the car all day. Between Yael (the girls nanny) and I, Talia and Jordan have a wide variety of activities that they do each week.


Some include coloring, finger painting (with paints or pudding), tracing, flash cards, stacking and sorting are a popular one. But five activities is about 20 minutes of playing, then what? Sit and watch TV, nope, don’t think so. Even that only lasts about five minutes. This is where Pinterest comes in. Enter “keep toddlers busy” into the Pinterest search bar or click here, and walla dozens of ideas for keeping toddlers busy. Here are some of my favorites I have come across recently and as these activities become appropriate for the girls we will do each one. And I will keep checking Pintrest and and my Toddler Busy Book for new ideas.

Get a kids to sweep up the mess they made by making it a game!I just need to get some cute kids size brooms!

This next activity was created by one of my favorite bloggers Young House love for their three year old. This can easily be homemade for about $20, just requires a trip to the hardware store. I do really like the neon touch they added to this one.


And while you are at the hardware store grab a few sets of paint swatches to create this fun matching game. The clothespins can be purchased at any craft store or Walmart for about $2.paint-swatch-matching-game


Have fun playing!


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