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Emergency Prep for Toddlers | Smiling Watermelon
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Emergency Prep for Toddlers

by Juliemara


Last weekend we decided to take the girls to Catch Air, an indoor play ground. The girls go almost every week with thier nanny and my husband had been with the girls a time or two, but I’d never had a chance to go. After morning nap and snack we headed to the new playground that recently opened close to our house. Walking in was like entering Disney World or Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory. It was shiny and bright and there was something to look at it in every direction. We were all having a good time until Talia slipped and hurt herself. We didn’t realize what was wrong at first because she was just crying, after a while we realized she was limping..

20121216-230205.jpg We hopped back in the car and headed towards the children’s hospital while I called our pediatrician. They suggested we do exactly as we were, go get her leg x-rayed.

This would not have been an issue, with my company insurance I have a really reasonable emergency room co-pay and when all was said and done Talia was fine, no injury and what ever was hurting her had worn off.

The issue was that we spent four hours waiting to find his out. We waited two hours between two waiting rooms and another two hours in the room.

It was so exhausting trying to entertain the girls and keep them from touching gross stuff or the floor. At the end of our four hour wait while we were listening to the prognosis of nothing Talia was jumping on the bed, clearly she was fine.
Going to the emergency room was the right decision for us that day. But here’s how I will handle similar situations in the future. First, I will have information about the local private urgent care centers as far as what services they can provide and if my insurance will cover It. Second I will give it some time. Shortly after she fell she stopped crying as long as one of us was holding her, so we knew she wasn’t in constant pain. It was only when we put her down she would limp and start to cry again.

I defiantly won’t take any chances but if faced with a similar experience again I will take what I learned from this one and hopefully avoid spending another Saturday afternoon in a tiny room with no windows or toys.

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