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‘Tis the Season – Cookie Swap | Smiling Watermelon
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‘Tis the Season – Cookie Swap

by Juliemara

I went more than 30 years of my life never knowing what a Cookie swap was, I wasn’t even aware that such a thing existed until two years ago when I attended one of these events with my good friend Jennifer. It was a quaint little event at a friend of hers house. There were about 10 women, we had wine and dips. Then with a Tupperware in hand, we circled the table taking two cookies from each platter and continued until all the cookies were gone. We each left the swap with a nice assortment of cookies about 3 of each kind. Cookie swap events have been going on for over 70 years, and probably longer in some form or another. Traditionally it is a pre-Christmas get together with the purpose of coming away with a variety of cookies to serve to your Christmas day guests.cookie-swapcookie-swap

Last year I totally goofed when I posted this about the cookies my sister was planning to make for the annual cookie swap she attends. This event is more like a competition of the baking wolves, there are winners for the best tasting cookie-swapand best looking cookies, cookie-swapso it is important that cookie plans stay under wraps until the big reveal.cookie-swap After last years exposed cookie plan debacle I asked if I could attend this years annual cookie swap, I wanted to make some cute confections and see what all the hype was about. Conveniently my sister forgot to invite me, until the day before, humm, I think she was covering herself this year, to make sure I didn’t ruin it for her again. I can’t really blame her, these things are not easy to get over. But it worked out to my advantage. She baked enough cookies for both of us to participate and I just had to show up! With camera in hand I arrived to what I will forever remember as the greatest cookie swap known to the south.cookie-swapcookie-swap cookie-swapThis event was not just about yummy and cute cookies, no, it was about much much more. It was about delectable tasty treats, it was about awesome displays of creative and culinary genius, even those who were not able to win a prize because of their cookie swap organizational ties still when all out to create good enough to be the winner creations.


There were cookies for every category,



Non Traditional




Fun and Festive


and then they was the just plain delicious, like the chubby hubby cookies, here’s the recipe! Add melted chocolate icing for extra yumminess.


Some of the cookies were displayed in elaborate settings to showcase the theme, like this knitting themed collection of cookie button and yarn cupcakes.


Then there was the elaborate and exquisite maj jong cookie display. cookie-swapcookie-swapcookie-swapIf you are not familiar with the Chinese tile game, here is a picture of a real maj jong set, the bakers did an amazing job!maj-jongmaj-jong


Everyone left with a nice assortment of cookies to good to eat. But I am sure they did.  And here’s a helpful tip I earned. When you get home, separate the cookies into individual containers or plastic bags, otherwise they all taste the same in the morning.cookie-swapcookie-swap

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