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by Juliemara

In case you didn’t already know I am an Instagramer. I love the filters that make images look vintage or sometimes really professional.





And since I am a habitual over-share-er I love the likes and the comments that people make, telling me how cute my kids are. I do the same for them. I also really enjoy looking at Instagram for creative inspiration for work,


for fashion


for home design


and for getting through the days in general.


The one thing I don’t like about Instagram is that the pictures are really hard to get printed. I have tried using Shutterfly, but they crop the pictures either leaving a black border on two sides or cutting out a lot of the image, sad face. I can print them on a color printer, but we all know the quality is just not the same as images printed by a photo printer. It is possible to make an instagram book using Blurb, but again, a book isn’t the same as a picture on the wall. Enter, Stickygrams, not exactly a high quality heiloom print, but fun and useful! I first learned about Stickygrams when Oh Joy posted about them on her blog. Stickgrams takes your instagram pictures and turns them into magnets, in the exact size as they appear on yur instagram feed. They are 14.99 for a sheet of 9. Upload is easy, you just log into your instagram accout through thier website and choose the images you want made into your magnets

and two weeks later, wallah, you have pictures to hold all your other pictures on your fridge. I plan to give the sticky grams to the girls to play with, 1) because they love playing with magnets onteh fridge 2) because these are safe since it’snot a glues on magnet that they can accidetally swallow and 3) they love looking at pictures of themselves!


These are the ones I chose to order.


You can get $2 off you your first purchase of Stickygrams with offer code FRIENDDGKD.

Have fun Stickygramming!

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  1. Tracey permalink
    December 7, 2012

    Great tip!! Thanks. Can’t wait to try it.

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