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First Year Footprint Keepsake | Smiling Watermelon
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First Year Footprint Keepsake

by Juliemara

When I was pregnant, or possibly even before, I started pining to my Pinterest page pictures of nurseries that I liked or that had something in them that I wanted to remember for later. I had so many ideas of cute touches to add to my girls room to make the world around them as beautiful and engaging as possible. I succeeded in carrying out several of those ideas and then there are those pins that will forever live on only as a good idea on my Pinterest boards. But there is one DIY keepsake project that I have just recently completed and and very proud of. It was inspired by this image



it looks so simple.

Like everything else with a baby, this too took plenty of well worth it effort.

Things you will need:

A large piece of good quality paper in a color that you won’t mind looking at for the rest of your life. I got mine at Micheals’s Arts and Crafts.

A white (or your color of choice) ink pad that will not dry out for a year. (Also from Micheals’s) Otherwise you have to remember to get a new ink pad before it’s time to do the next prints.

A relatively calm baby.

A helper, to hold the baby while you carefully place the feet in the correct spot.

A place to keep the paper safe until it is completed, of you can hang it and take it down as needed.


How I did it:

I started at 1 month, because I wasn’t together enough to do this in the first two weeks. They were so tiny.


Then added three months, six months, nine months and finally one year.

I placed my paper on the end of a clean kitchen table (a task in itself for a new mom!)

My helper would hold the baby facing away from her while I applied the ink generously to babies left foot.


Then my helper held the baby directly over the spot when I wanted the foot print and lowered her slowly closer to the paper. I made sure to press each part of the foot and toes firmly to the paper and on the count of three my helper would lift baby away. Half way there, well, a quarter of the way there in my case. I would wipe the left foot clean and repeat with the right foot. Then repeat all of it with baby number two.


I kept the papers in the back of a poster frame that hangs in our kitchen to keep them safe until they were completed. See the red pasta clown, that one.


But now that they are completed, I hung them in the girls room using some rustic twine and wood clothespins with a little washi tape on them for fun

year of-foot-printsyear of-foot-printsyear of-foot-printsyear of-foot-prints

I wrote each babies name in the corner of the paper along with the dates that I stamped their feet each few months.

year of-foot-printsyear of-foot-printsyear of-foot-prints

I’m really happy with how they turned out. I think it will be a fun thing for the girls to see as they are growing up and to have when they are grown.

year of-foot-prints

I have a framed print of my own two year old hand prints and I think it’s the cutest thing. I’m sure my girls will feel the same.

Now on to my next pin…



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  1. August 23, 2013

    Excited that you found my project and completed your own!! So Cute!

    Please link my photo to the original post — thanks!


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