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Almost 14 Months | Smiling Watermelon
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Almost 14 Months

by Juliemara


Since I’m not doing the monthly chalkboard photos anymore I haven’t done an update on how much the girls have changed in the past six weeks. So I wanted to do that here and share some of my favorite photos I’ve taken of them recently.



she is a tiny little drama queen. She amazes us everyday that so much personality can fit into such a tiny little person. She loves to laugh and squeal with delight. She will belt out the loudest squeal just to get the rest of us going. We chase them around, catch them, and tickle away. All the while they are laughing uncontrollably. Talia still loves the doggy hand puppet. She will bring it to me to play with every chance she gets. Apparently she said “doggy” this past weekend but I wasn’t there to hear it. She does say baby, ball, milk and aba very well. According to our nanny she has quite a few words in Hebrew too, like mahear = quickly and doda = nanny/aunt. She loves the bath, almost always waits until the last drop is down the drain before she will get out.  Talia has figured out how to stack the wooden rings on the peg and climb up onto toddler chairs. And her brand new trick is to stand on chairs. She does it very carefully. She also has started playing with toys while lying on the floor, its pretty cute. Talia loves to dance, she plays music on one of her toys and comes to me to hold her hands as we rock back an forth to the beat, she’ll play the song again and again. And if I’m not available to be her dance partner she throws one hand up in the air and taps her foot while turning in a circle. I wish I knew where she learned this one from and I promise as soon as I get it on film I will share it.




she is a gentle baby, she loves to snuggle, with me, with her giant teddy, just a great snuggler. She has the sweetest little voice her coos and ahhs make me smile every time. She lets Talia test the waters on pretty much everything before she tries something new. She’s a really good eater, she loves chicken and sweet potatoes and zucchini. Jordan loves to look at books, she’ll sit and play on her own looking through the pages of a book or figuring out a toy that she has held a hundred times. Jordan also loves bath time, she even says bath, sort of, it’s more like, baaa, with a high pitch at the end. In the bath she loves to put the foam bath stickers on her head and she doesn’t cry when water gets in her eyes. Jordan loves to turn the light in their room on and off. Every night after bath while I am trying to get a diaper on her she is popping up on her feet and holding the wall with one hand while she pounds away at the light switch until it goes off, then turns to me with a proud smile for my approval, good job Jordan, now turn it back on, and she does. Jordan also loves to dance, she is more of a shoulder worm groover than a foot tapping spinner.



 I love these little ladies with all my heart, they amaze us everyday with their love for each other and for us. They learn so fast now, I have no words to describe how it makes us feel when they show us something new that they have learned. Everyone said it gets better, and I’d heard that they are more fun the older they get but I didn’t believe anyone. I wanted my tiny 5 and 6 pounds babies to stay that way, then I wanted my little immobile wrigglers to stay that way, now I want my little babbling toddlers to stay just like they are. At least one of them. Is that so much to ask? But I know that in time I will see that as good as it was and good as it is the good is only going to multiply over and over in the months and years to come and I am excited to be there for every minute of it.

Love you baby girls.

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