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Smiling Watermelon’s Amazon Store

by Juliemara

I’m sure all of you have seen that cute Sophie giraffe over there on the right side of this blog

and maybe some of you have clicked on it and were taken to this page

It is my Amazon store.

I choose products from Amazons selection and add them to my store. Many of the items that I used and liked are in there, like the twin nursing pillow I used.


And then there are items that I wish we had bought instead of what we did, like the first years bottle drying rack


rather than the Skip Hop one we did, because it looked cool,


but it’s really not very functional. We’ve made due with it because we had it but if I had to do it over, I’d go with the First Years one.

Here’s the cool thing about an Amazon store if someone, anyone buys something from amazon weather it is in my Amazon store or not I get paid a referral fee from Amazon! It’s a tiny amount but if all of you who shop on Amazon clicked on little Sophie Giraffe

and then went to shopping it could add up. And that could mean free diapers! We use a lot of diapers, about 14 a day or 280 a month, and I get them all conveniently and automatically delivered to my house from Amazon on a monthly basis with my Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save Subscription.

I actually buy a lot of things from Amazon, I’ll check the price of something at Target or Walmart, if it’s the same price I get it from Amazon, because it gets delivered, which saves me time and gas! And then there are those times when I know I won’t be getting to the store in the next two days so I’ll order whatever I just need soon from amazon and know that it will be here in two, three days at most. Amazon really is a Moms and maybe every busy bees best friend. The girls like Amazon too, they often have sales on great toys or baby items, but to be honest, the boxes are their favorite part.

And the best part about shopping through the Smiling Watermelon Favorite Baby Products Amazon store you still use your Amazon account, your own Prime membership, Your Amazon Mom Membership and your Subscribe and Save account. It won’t cost you anything extra it just give us a bonus!

So when you are stuffed to the gills this holiday weekend and you plop down on the couch to start your online shopping spree don’t forget the steps


Favorite baby products

Powered by Amazon


it’s that easy! Happy Shopping! And thanks in Advance.

Oh and setting up your very own Amazon store is really easy to, all you need is an Amazon account and a social security number. If you have a blog or even just want to recommend your own set of products on Facebook or twitter you should.

Safe Travels This weekend!

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