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Video dump

by Juliemara

I never feel like I take enough videos of the girls and the ones that I do take I try to upload to YouTube as often as possible. If you are a YouTube subscriber you will be notified when I upload a new video but don’t put it on the blog.

Here’s a 60 second video I took of the girls in thier very own bouncy house. Yes, they have thier own personal bouncy house. Lucky for us the girls have three older cousins who 1) have pretty much grown out of everything that is fun and appropriate for toddlers and 2) have a mamma who is on a cleaning binge and keeps giving away all their stuff! This was one of those hand me downs I was happy to accept. If you feel like your little ones need their very own bouncy house you can get one here. We take it out and put it away each time we use it. Hopefully it will last for a bunch more cousins to come. It’s pretty heavy to move but doable and super easy to set up and put away.

I bought the girls each this bouncy seat before they were born. They sat in it some when they were tiny,and state at there black and white pictures,


20121106-145157.jpg but they really preferred their swings. We started using them regularly when they could hold their bodies straight enough to be fed bottles in the seats, then when they started eating solids they would sit in the chairs for snack time.




20121106-143608.jpgWe also used them for several weeks in a row around nine month when the girls were having trouble breathing from stuffy noses. The incline helped them breath easier and made sleep possible.

20121106-143621.jpgWe took these bouncy seats on the plane to Israel. It fits perfectly in the bulkhead space in economy comfort and disassembled easily to fit in the overhead compartment. And now the girls have found another use for the noise making, vibrating, two position bouncy seat-it’s a jungle gym! The climb on it, lay in it, jump out if it, over and over until someone starts crying. Here’s a video of one of those times.

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  1. Tracey permalink
    November 7, 2012

    Aren’t you so lucky to have a sister that wants to pass on so many great toys for your girls!! Hope they enjoy the bounce house and all of the other play things yet to come.

  2. Shani permalink
    November 7, 2012

    Awesome! Yasha might have been having more fun than both the girls combined 😀

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