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Seeing the world through their eyes.. | Smiling Watermelon
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Seeing the world through their eyes..

by Juliemara

Seeing the world through their eyes is one of the greatest parts of being a parent. Children get excited from everything, everything is new, everything is interesting.  A child can look at something and create a whole new world within that one thing, maybe it’s a toy, maybe it’s the way the shadows cross the edge of their car seat as they ride down the road.  Expereinceing this kind of excitemnt throughI am a very amateur photographer, if time would allow it I would take as many photography and photo editing courses as I could. Some people just have the natural ability to capture moments perfectly, I don’t.  But when I am lucky enough to capture a moment, especially a moment when one of my children discovers something for the first time, I melt. I could stare at these moments forever. But I don’t because their are other moments to be lived. But I know that a year or five or ten or thirty years from now I will look back at these images, of these moments that came went so fast and smile.  I will be so happy to be able to see them as I remember being there.
These photos were taken one Sunday afternoon at a friends place on the river. There were ducks in the water it was the first time seeing ducks for the girls and their Abba feeding them.twinstwins



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