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12 month well baby visit

by Juliemara

I really like our pediatrician. He is so nice, really calm and personable, he knows the answers to all of our questions and he makes me believe that he truly thinks I have the cutest babies ever (which of course I believe wholeheartedly, but recognize that other may not feel quite the same, and I’m ok with it).
Wednesday the girls had their 12 month well baby visit. Talia and Jordan are both in excellent health, right on for their development pace and perfect for their body mass. Yeah!

Here are the actual stats:

Talia – Baby A
Height 28.75″ 25-50%
Weight 19lbs 25-50%

Jordan -Baby B
Height 28.15″ 15-25%
Weight 19.1 lbs 25-50%

They were being so funny in the office, running in circles around the tiny room, Jordan learned to turn the light on and off, which both thrilled her and I think scared her a little too. Talia kept pointing at the Nemo poster on the wall and saying “bubble” or what sounds like it.

The girls had to get three shots, they were not happy while it was happening but recovered really quickly.

I took the day off work since the appointment was mid day, super fun for me!

After the girls took their afternoon nap we took hem for a special treat of frozen yogurt. Talia enjoyed it 20121025-141225.jpg
but Jordan just couldn’t get it together. 20121025-160248.jpgShe finally snapped out of it afterward when we visited baby gap to see what was new.

And the doctor said that if we ever want to sleep through the night, LET THEM CRY! More on that tomorow and in weeks to come.

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