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11 Months | Smiling Watermelon
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11 Months

by Juliemara

11_month_twinsTalia and Jordan yesterday you are now  11 months old. I’m not going to tell you how sentimental I feel about this being the last month of your first year I’ll save that sap for your birthday post. I just want to brag about all the new amazing things you two have learned in this last month.

First, You both learned how to suck the puréed fruit directly from the to go pouches in under a minute! I am sure that I am starting some terrible habit by giving you these pouches while we are grocery shopping, but one, I feel bad because it’s usually dinner time when we are at the grocery store and it’s fun to see you two race to finish them.
You tried so many new foods this month, hearts of palm, kidney beans, lettuce, mozzarella and baby bell cheese. You eat almost anything we give you, except Tilapia and eggs, you just don’t like them. And that’s ok, because you love chicken.  You also had Brazilian food and Thai food this month, two of our new favorite week night dinner out options.

We got a new deck behind our house because the old one was small and not safe for small children. This one is like a giant playpen, complete with a gate, so you have been spending lots of time outside.
I have, since you were born, tried not to wish away time by thinking wont it be nice when they can sit up or hold their own bottle or crawl or walk. But I do look forward to very soon watching you chase each other around the tree on the deck on your little riding toys. When you were tiny I  would imagine two little girls standing by my feet reaching up with their little hands for me to pick them both up at once, and while you still need to hold on with one of your hands, we are there, and I love that you two do this. I have mastered picking you both up and carrying you around the house or out to the stroller at the same time.

You both stand balanced for sometimes up to thirty seconds and each of you has taken one or two steps on your own at least once, that I have seen. I learned that with twins, I may not always see you accomplish your first. This morning while I was changing Talias diaper, I saw Jordan out of the corner of my eye, when I turned around she was mid step two feet from the couch, but quickly fell to the ground, I didn’t see it but I know she took a step or two from the couch to when she landed. Such a big girl!
Talia you have the whole mechanics of walking down pat. Your new favorite game is hold hands and walk, you can just go, go, go.  Now you just need to get your balance and you will be good to go all on your own.

One of the best things that you two do now is fall asleep, like champs. I don’t know if you are totally pooped or you have learned that we are not coming back to play so you might as well sleep, but you go to sleep every night with no crying, maybe a little whine when we put you in your crib, but as soon as we walk out of your room, there is silence. Talia you still wake up at night, if you scream long and loud enough that I think you might wake up Jordan I just have to pick you up, give you your pacifier and rock you a little, sometimes I have to change a wet diaper, but you are usually settled back in your crib in a few minutes. Jordan, you pretty much sleep all night, on occasion you wake up and want a little attention too, but it’s rare.

You both wake up around 5:45, sometimes earlier, ouch. When you get a bit older we are getting you a mini fridge so you can get your own milk. But until then up before the sun means you didn’t sleep enough, so three days a week I put you in the stroller and off we go for about 45 around the neighborhood. It’s an interesting feeling to see the stars, in the morning, because the sun hasn’t come up yet. I love this time of year, the air is the perfect temperature. Not hot, not cold, just perfect. The most exciting part of our morning walks, we get to see all the kids get on the school bus at exactly 6:55am. Then we watch the sun come up on our way home. You usually sleep for most of the walk and for another 15 or 20 minutes once we are home. The extra hour of sleep really helps you guys make it through the morning. Then we come home and eat breakfast, when abba come to the kitchen I go get ready then abba leaves and I play with you until Yael arrives.
And the last new thing for my big girls is big girl car seats! That’s right, no more baby buckets. You each have two new cars eats. Yes that’s right, we have purchased four convertible cars eats in the last month. We were able to purchase one with baby store gift cards we received, that was a huge help. We got two Britax Marathons for Yaels car and two Britax Boulevards for my car. I would have preferred all Boulevards but we got the Marathons at a really good price and the only difference is the side head support. Since the girls will only be in Yaels car for short trips and in my car for longer road trips I waunted them to have more head support so that when they fall asleep they don’t strain their neck.

We have fun things planned to do every weekend this month, there are lots of outdoor fairs and festivals, we have a few birthday parties to go to and some very special visitors are coming to play and celebrate your birthday with you. Your abba and I are working hard to get things around the house ready and I am stealing every spare moment I can planning and preparing for a Birthday party you will never remember and that I will never forget. We love you, your pretty smiles, your silly giggles, the games you play with each other and the ways you show us how much you love us back. Happy 11 months baby girls, you are amazing in every way.
p.s. I wonder when the day will come again that you will sit next to each other and both smile at the camera at the same time like you did when you were tiny.

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    They are just too cute! Can not wait to see them!! M

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