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Time flies

by Juliemara

It’s a strang thing that happens, time goes by without waiting for you to be ready for its passing. I new time went at different paces depending on where you are in your life, I had a conversation with my dad about it when I was sixteen. I asked him if six months to him was shorter than six months to me, he said yes. But I had no idea what it would feel like for time to fly as fast as it does when you have a new baby.


Us women think about wanting a baby, some for a long time, some for a very long time. Then you try to become pregnant, some for a long time, which feels like an even longer time. Some for not too long and before you know it you are expecting, all of the sudden. And before you can blink your belly has grown huge, then your baby is here.

Before you know it all those baby things that you agonized over which one to get start collecting dust in the corner and the other things for older babies, that you thought would stay in a box forever, become necessities of every day life.

Tomorrow is a last day here, the last day before their last month of their first year.

20120910-232315.jpgI’m a little sad because I love having babies and my babies don’t act like babies anymore. They want to practice walking while holding my hand. They say words after I do, they want things, they understand how their toys work, they chew with teeth, they go to sleep. Everyone says it gets more fun as they get older and can talk to you. I believe them and I look forward to watching them grow and change everyday, but I will miss my babies.

I have loved with more passion that I could have ever imagined these last 11 months of our life. I have loved being mom and watching my husband be dad. Our children are amazing an we love them with every ounce we have. I’m glad you’ve been able to watch them grow and been here to listen to our struggles and smile with our joy.

Sweet baby girls, you got big so fast. There’s not a book out there that could ever prepare us for that.

Happy Birthday Miss Meriweather!

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  1. tracey permalink
    September 11, 2012

    sweet. we are also enjoying your precious girls so much. they are a gift.

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