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Candid photos | Smiling Watermelon
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Candid photos

by Juliemara

20120907-133117.jpgEvery mom will tell you she wishes she had more pictures of her with her children. Not posing with them in crisp clean clothes, but pictures of her doing the things she does everyday with her children, reading a book, getting a hug, drying thier hair after a bath. But the truth is that for most families mom is the one behind the camera the majority of the time. Going through my phone to find pictures of me with our girls, these were all I came up with. They are great, but they are too few.

In our home we have other issues when it comes to picture taking, 1) although I ask my husband regularly to take pictures its hard because we always have a baby in our hands, each of us. So finding a free hand to take a picture with isn’t as easy as one, two, three. 2) I’m the creative one in the family, so trying to explain to him how to take an interesting photo without posing for it is comparable to trying to explain to him how to straighten hair, it’s not his fault, he’s a guy and when it comes to an eye for photography you either have it or your don’t. I’m no professional but I work at it, I play with composition, light and angles and hope for the best.

I will never forget years ago I was watching a home movie my mom had taken of my sister and I playing with my grandmother. My niece, Elizabeth was four at the time, she asked, “who is the mommy of this family?” she was behind the camera, out of sight. Never a fun feeling for the mom, who spends every moment hoping she did everything she could for her children that day and lays in bed awake at night hoping they stay sleep.

When I am with my friends and thier families I try to always offer to take pictures with their camera. I’m not a great photographer, but every now and then I get lucky and something is better than nothing at all.

My dear friend Shirly tool these pictures while we were at the lake this past weekend. I love them so much. The babies and the photos.
br />20120907-135427.jpg


And this is a picture I took for her earlier this summer.

She’s a great photographer, so is her husband.
He took these pictures from our labor day trip.

I’m really grateful to people when they take the time to help me capture these fleeting moments with my babies.

Next time you are out with friends and their small children take a minute, grab their phone and snap a few candids, even if they are just buckling their little one into the car seat or showing him pictures in a book, I promise your friends will also be grateful.

Have a great weekend and take lots of pictures of mom with her babies!


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  1. September 21, 2012

    Lovely post! 🙂 Really gets you thinkin 😉

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