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One month left

by Juliemara

We stuck close to home this holiday weekend. Avoided the traffic and took advantage of some parks close by. It’s one of the things I love about living in Georiga, the state has an amazing parks and recs department. There must be thousands of state parks with. Arguing levels of facilities and activities from the most primitive to practically luxurious. With in an hour from the city you can go hiking, climbing, rafting, canoeing, boating, skiing, bike riding and picnicking, of course, which is our favorite. A summer or two ago our neighboring city, Roswell, Ga, which is only five minutes down the road built a splash park next to an existing playground/amphitheater/picnic ground. Basically its the zero entry part of a swimming pool with water spraying in varying heights out of the floor. On a hot day, it’s about he greatest thing invented, it’s getting wet and staying cool without the effort of swimming! Which wit babies, especially two is a considerable amount of effort.
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Lucky for us the splash park is staying open all through the month of September, so hopefully we will get a chance to visit again a time or two.

My only complaint, the floor is made of textured concrete, not nice for crawling babies and I can imagine no fun for tripping toddlers either, flexible rubber would have been a better choice.<






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