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How much time does blogging take

by Juliemara

20120903-230152.jpgPeople always say to me “when do you write your blog posts?” and “I don’t know how you have time to do it.” The truth is I don’t, but do you have time to journal, probably not, and if you do then it is always at the expense of another task. Same goes with blogging. Sometimes the clothes don’t get put away the same day they get cleaned, sometimes the dishes stay in the sink until the next day.

Usually I write at night, after the girls are in bed, and the kitchen has been cleaned up from dinner. Sometimes I write when I wake up from hearing the girls cry at night and can’t fall back to sleep right away and sometimes I write while we take our morning walk, if my husband joins us to push the stroller. I do most of my writing on my iPhone and since my phone goes with me everywhere I can write while I pump gas or wait in line for the grocery store.

But the time issue of blogging isn’t the writing, that’s the easy part. It’s the very long list and pinterest boards full of projects to tackle, then photograph, then edit the photographs, then insert the photographs into the writing and link back to relevant websites, that takes the most time. I try to multi task as much as possible, for example I’ll watch tv and write at the same time, I’ll write while I am organizing my photos, which I have found a great solution for saving time regarding photos. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Multitasking has become an Olympic sport in my life, I try to carry a hand full of things whenever I go from one room to another trying to keep things in their place. But without fail I always forget to put the scissors back and there is always a pile on the corner of the island that needs to go into a bedroom, basement or catch all room.

Back to how my new method of organizing photos saves me time. Dropbox! It’s an online file storing program. And the best part about it, it’s free! I love free! Another super helpful aspect of it is there is an app for the iPhone, so all the photos I save to my Dropbox folder on my computer are automatically available on my phone. I user my DSLR to take most of my photos of the girls and projects I do. Once they are loaded onto my computer I then organize them into folders which I then save on Dropbox so I can access them at any moment.

Another cool thing about Dropbox is that I can share the photos with family and friends. If you want to try out Drop box click this link, sign up for an account, you’ll get to see never before published photos of the girls and 2G of free storage and I will get a bonus of extra storage!

That’s how I blog, now, why do I blog? Simple answer is I love it! I love the possibilities that blogging holds, the connections you can make to people like you or completely different from you from anywhere in the world. I am a sharer, I have these two amazing girls, and while they are the most amazing people to me, plenty of people find them pretty interesting simply because fate made them twins. I love photos, I take a lot and would never see most of them again if I didn’t publish a good portion of them here. And lastly I blog because it’s the most effective way for me to create a baby book for my girls. I was told Blurb will convert my blog into a book when I am ready and since their first birthday is rapidly approaching, I’m almost there.

Anyway, they are so cute, the least they deserve is a website all about them

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