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When a baby wakes up | Smiling Watermelon
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When a baby wakes up

by Juliemara

Have you ever seen a baby wake up, it’s really cute, there is scrunching and stretching. If you havn’t seen it try to make it a point to one day. It’s pretty special. Honestly most things babies do are fun to watch.




We have had some recent night time sleep breakthroughs in this house. Back in July Jordan got a bad cold which made it hard for her to sleep. We did everything we could to make her comfortable, a cool mist humidifier, natural vapor rub, saline drops and nose suctioning. But she would still wake at night and not want to go back to bed. I’m the same way when I have a cold. So we would feed her and let her play, at any hour of the night for as long as she wanted to. Eventually she would fall asleep in the bouncy seat, which helped her breathing some because it sat her more upright.

Then we went to Israel and between the jet lag, Talia getting sick wih a cold and more jet lag on the way back the girls got to play when ever they wanted for over a month. Well, mama’s tired and needs to sleep, six hours, straight through, on a regular basis. So two weeks ago, once the jet lag was gone and everyone was healthy, we decided
to nix any night time bottles, I would get them and give them a passifire and rock them but no food. A few days layer I stopped visiting at night all together. And as of a few nights Jordan sleeps from about 8 until about 6, yeah, and Talia usually wakes up around four, but I check her diaper change her if necessary and put her back down and she will go back to sleep until 6 also. Last night she slept all the way through until 5:30!

So no more of this


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