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Because tutus are fun

by Juliemara

Our little ladies are so much fun in the mornings. I don’t always get the time in the morning to dress them, usually thier nanny chooses thier outfits. She almost always dresses them very practical and comfy, and cute too. But on the rare occasion that I do have a few minutes to dress them before I have to leave for work I always choose something special, fun, totally impractical and way to dressy for a regular old weekday.

The way I see it is the babies don’t have too many special occasions, but they have a bunch of special outfits so they wear them because in a baby’s world everyday is special and to be celebrated.

Yesterday my girls wore this,


I was inspired by the birthday outfit of one of my favorite bloggers little girl

Bleubird Blog

I also tried thier little size two sandles on thier cute little feet. Nope, still too big.

These girls have four pairs of shoes and can’t wear any of them. It’s ok though, they don’t walk yet, and even when they are first learning it’s better for them not to wear shoes.

Here are the cute comfy outfits they ended up in. So young and so much style.

Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend!

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