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2 days away – The Dead Sea | Smiling Watermelon
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2 days away – The Dead Sea

by Juliemara

While away in Israel my husbands parents babysat the girls for a night so he and I could have a much needed and much appreciated vacation! We left in the morning and returned the following evening, but the 33 hours in between were some of the most relaxing we have had since, um, last summer. (since being more than six months pregnant with twins is not relaxing).
After stocking up on some road trip food we drove south through the desert.

The city landscape quickly turned to agricultural fields and just as quickly to rolling hills of tan sand and rock with some scattered desert bushes




and a short while later there were no more plants or trees at all, just bareen desert.


Our destination was The Dead Sea (yam hamelach, yam=sea, ha=the, melach=salt) the saltiest place on earth. It’s called the dead sea because it’s so salty that nothing can live in it.

As we drove the winding road down to the sea there were markers in the rock walls around us noting the current sea level, 500, 100, -100 and so on.

It was hot, the kind of hot where you feel like you are a cartoon and at any moment you are going to burst into actual flames.





Our hotel, Isrotel, was beautiful, the pool was perfect (even though it was quite warm). The garden, the view of the blue water of the sea. There were plenty of lovely places to relax outside… During the cooler months of the year.





I spent my afternoon at the hotel spa getting a salt scrub and mud wrap. I highly recommend this treatment if you ever get the chance to visit Isrotel or the dead sea.

We ate a long quite dinner in the hotel, which included carpaccio! A favorite of both mine and my husbands, and since it was an all you can eat buffet, we must have gone back and forth to the carving station about ten times! Yum.

The next day we went to the actual sea to check out how we would float. And sure enough the water is so salty, which makes it really heavy, you float, without having to hold your breath. It’s really a cool feeling.





The hotel has its own little private section of the beach with sun shades in the water for us to stand under, unfortunately the 129 degree temps didn’t give the sunshades a chance. The water was so hot I had to ease in as if I was getting into an overheated hot tub. But not to worry the dead sea isn’t always a boiling pot of water. In the spring and fall the water and weather are supposedly quite pleasant in the region.

But the heat didn’t bother me, sure it was hot and we had to limit our time outside, but I would go back to the dead sea in a heartbeat. I love the desert and this was a really cool spot.

Turns out our hotel had an indoor pool filled with salty sea water! The water was much cooler than in the actual sea and there was no sun! It was the perfect compromise. Check out this how you float in rally salty water video I made for you!

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