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10 Months Old!

by Juliemara
baby girls you are 10 months old (and a few days) and if I have learned anything over these last 10 months it’s that things may not always get done by the time I want them to but life will go on and it will be ok. And what ever it is that didn’t get done will be just as great when ever it does, like this post.
In the last month you have gone from being little babies to little girls. I hate to have to say it but everyday I see less and less infant and more and more toddler.
You are such amazing little people. You are sweet and fun and so incredibly cute. Your abba and I  can’t believe how you just keep getting cuter. I don’t want to say that you are more fun now, because every stage is special and unique in it’s own way. But I do love that we can see through your actions the way you are processing your thoughts, it’s incredibly entertaining to watch how you “figure things out”.  You have learned to love to play, and you play with each other so well. When one of you decides it’s time to weak havoc the other joins in right away. Usually in the form of trying to rip apart your giant teddy bear.
You’ve had some pretty big firsts this last month, your first passport stamp and trip to Israel and your first (and second) cold.

Between these colds and our trip to abbas parents house you got use to not sleeping when you were suppose to and more when you were ready to. So now your abba and I are faced with babies who cry when put to bed again.But you don’t cry for long, maybe 20 minutes on a bad day. Even still it breaks my heart to listen to your cry. I don’t think its a sound I could ever get use to. You still wake up at night, for a while it was several times, but now usually only once and each day it’s been getting later and later. We still give you a bottle and try to put you back to bed, sometimes you go back to sleep right away, other times abba gets up at four or five and plays with you until I get up at 6:30. You stay awake playing and eating for about 3-4 hours then it’s time fore your nap around 10.You sleep for about an hour then play and eat until 2. You take about a two hour nap then you are up until bedtime at 8, sometime a bit earlier.

Jordan you learned how to clap your hands and a few days ago your sister caught on too. You are talking up a storm and quickly learning what “NO” means and not to take it for an answer. Your baby sounds are so cute and fun to hear they are the perfect baby coos. You are such a sweet baby, you give the best hugs and kisses andget so excited when you see me after work or in the morning and  you get really mad when I leave the room.  You have such great confidence in everythng you do, you climb over anything in your way without a moments hesitation. You get so excited over everything and kick your legs to show it.

Talia you stood on your own for a few seconds, once. You said bye bye (i’m sure of it), once. You said mama (or so our frinds tell me as I walked away from you that day at the park), once. You seem to do these things by accident, but I am sure in no time you will do them again and they will quickly become routine. I’m in no rush, and you shouldn’t be either. You are definatly a daddy’s girl. You love your Abba so much. Your little face just lights up when he walks int eh room and you cry with such drama when he has to leave, it’s hard for him to go. You love music and dancing, you bob your whole body up and down and flap your arms when ever you are excited.

You two no longer wait patiently and stare adoringly into our eyes as we change your diaper. No, now you thrash and turn and kick to get away from us as quickly as possible. Often times resulting in a foot of poop and at least two people needing a wardrobe change.

I feel that this past month, as hard as it has been with colds and jet lag and many hours awake at night, that I have gotten to really know each of you. It may have been the middle of the night but it was our time when there was nothing else to do but hang out together and wait for you to fall asleep. It was fun watching each of you play by yourself while the other slept. And when I would does off and wake up to you a few inches from my face staring straight at me I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder what you must have been thinking.
You both learned how to go up the two steps to your play room and while I don’t recommend your face first method for going down, but because it’s only two steps and we keep pillows at the bottom, it will work until we can teach you the belly or the tushi method. You love eating out, you are great dinner dates, you sit in your big girl high chairs and eat so nicely, you never yell in resturants, you make a big mess.

There is so much I want to tell you about how much I love you two but there are no words to describe it. I love being your mom, I love that you have each other, I love that you are mine and we get spend forever playing and learning and creating together. Happy ten month birthday baby girls.
Now I have to start planning your birthday party!

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  1. Michelle permalink
    August 16, 2012

    Such a sweet post Julie! The girls are so lucky to have you for a mom, you’re doing an amazing job.

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