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When in Rome (or Tel Aviv), Do as the Romans do (or Israelis)

by Juliemara

If preparation for our trip overseas I Put together a packing list, two actually, one for our flight there and one for our stay. The list included everything we use in a daily basis and then some.

When it came to formula and diapers I carefully calculated how much I bring so that we would have just enough for our stay and return trip. Turns out I am as bad at math as I have always admired and I grossly underestimated how much formula and how many diapers we would use. Luckily they have lots of babies in Israel so they sell diapers and formula in the stores! The problem was that as a doting mother I wasn’t sure how the change in formula/diapers would affect my babies.

We regularly use Enfamil formula. We have since the the girls were born because that is what the nurses at the hospital gave them. I did breastfeed for over six months but it took several days for my milk to come in and the girls usually needed a top off of formula.

Enfamil is not sold in Israel, it’s a tiny country with a population of only 8 million so there can only be so much variety that can be sustained by the consumers. The two formula brands that are sold in Israeli grocery and drug stores are Materna (which as far as I know is not sold in the US) and Similac (a popular brand sold in the US). So after a failed attempt of finding someone through my facebook network who would be traveling to Israel that could bring us Enfamil I got girls Israeli Similac.


After comparing the ingredients I realized they are practically the same, Enfamil has some added ingredients to promote healthy eye and brain development. And you can see that the Enfamil (top left) has a smoother texture than the Similac (bottom left and right).


As for the diapers buggies and pampers are the two most available brands sold in Israel. Aside from different but just as ridiculous characters all over them they are he same as the diapers sold in the US.

The girls got try out something else new and different while we were staying in Israel, IKEA highchairs! The basic white plastic highchairs are very popular all over the world, and at $20, they can’t be beat. So why did we spend $150 and get the Graco 4-1, they are comfortable and versatile with the travel ability and separate booster, other than that I think we felt like more money meant better highchair. But after seeing the girls eat so nicely and comfortably in the IKEA highchairs I would recommend them to anyone for a baby that is sitting up well and older.

Here are the girls their first night in Israel, at 10pm, the girls were extremely jet lagged.



And after a few nights of getting adjusted the babies had such a good time eating their meals with the family.








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  1. Esther Chernoff permalink
    August 14, 2012

    Julie, the girls are cute as can be. I can see “Lottie Samet” in certain pictures. She was a wonderful person as you know…Esther

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