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First rule of international travel…

by Juliemara

First rule of international travel with babies, get to the gate early and get on the plane first. Yes, it is no fun to sit on a plane for an hour or more with an infant (or two) but it is far less fun to have to check your carry on with all your baby essentials because all the over head compartments are full. I read online that with twins it’s a good idea to wait as long as possible to get on the plane because sitting on a plane with a baby is no fun, what the article didn’t mention is not to wait so long that all the overhead compartments are full!



So here’s what happened, we got to the airport with plenty of time, good thing because checking in with 7 bags and 5 carry ons takes a while, and security was pretty busy. So after we got through security we went to the Delta lounge to change poopy diapers, get a drink and a bite to eat before heading to the gate. When we got to the gate they were already boarding, we went ahead to get on the plane, but when we got to the plane we had to wait for them to gate check our stroller and car seat (we got one baby a seat for the overnight flight) but by the time they were done everyone had boarded and all the over heads were full, so they needed to check our two carry ons as well. The problem was that we wouldn’t get them back for our next flight. So instead of taking a minute and rearranging a few overhead compartments to make room for our two small roller boards they gave my husband the option of emptying the contents into four plastic bags and bringing those on the plane or not having the supplies from the bags at all. So that’s what he did. Now we were traveling with two babies, a double stroller, two diaper bags, one car seat, two bouncy seats, and four plastic bags.

When we arrived at JFK my husband ran ahead of us to the next gate to try to arrange for us to have a baby bassinet and to deal with our seat arrangements. Although we had previously selected our seats, three in the bulkhead, the airline changed the aircraft thus rearranging our seats, so that my husband was in one section of the plane, I was in another, and Jordan was in another seat, in another part of the plane, all by herself. Clearly this was not going to work.

Once we arrived at the gate I had enough time to change two poopy diapers before we had to board. My husband made a miracle happen and got us back our three bulk head seats with a bassinet. Let the journey begin.

The girls loved the airplane experience they were laughing and looking all around at the people. We ended up having to wait and taxi for quite some time, about two hours, but I really didn’t care, it was time that I got to spend with my babies, we were having fun. We were extra lucky for our flight out, the girls nanny, Yael, was headed home to Israel as well to see her family too! So she helped me entertain the girls during the wait and even into the flight.


We had enough room on the floor in front of our seats to sit on the floor and play. I know it’s really gross to sit in the floor of a plane but sometimes you jut have to let things go. I did lay a blanket down but that blanket I’m sure ended up wrapped around a baby at some point. To make myself feel better I just kept reminding myself that they would get a bath as soon as we arived at my husbands parents house and I wiped thier hands with a wet wipe every once in a while.

Over all the babies did really well on he flight. They went to sleep, talia in the car seat an Jordan in the bassinet. Every so often one would wake up and I would give her a bottle or rock her back to sleep. At some point talia got switched to a bouncy seat on the floor and Jordan to the car seat, but for the most part they slept and were really good. We even brought candy to give to the people around us as a peace offering, but the babies were so good and fun it wasn’t even necessary.

As for our four plastic bags of supplies it really wasn’t an issue, it actually my have have been a bit easier to access the supplies having them in smaller bags rather than a suitcase. I also had a large wide opening diaper bag that I kept by my feet for quick access to diapers, wipes, clean bottles, formula, snacks, food, bibs and toys. I wish I had used different color bags for each item, it would have made finding things in my huge bag in the dark much easier.

And those two small roller boards we had to check in Atlanta all the way through to Tel Aviv, they never showed up in Tel Aviv. I got a message that A bag was in New York but by the time I got he message several days ha passed and they were not able to locate it, they are still looking. Stinks, I really liked that piece of luggage.

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