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A glimps of our trip | Smiling Watermelon
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A glimps of our trip

by Juliemara

We just got back from a 12 day trip to Israel to visit with my husbands family. Here is a glimps of our trip, mostly through my instagraming while we were away. If you have an iPhone you can follow me with the instagram app, username smilingwatermelon or use this link to follow online.

I have plenty of stories and tips to share about traveling to the desert, with twins, in the summer, I’ll be sharing these later this week and next.

On our way to the airport, with 5 pieces of luggage, two diaper bags, two car seats, two cary ons, two babies and a double stroller. Oh, and two bouncy seats.

A very long check in process. That what happens when they desperate your seats and put a baby by themselves in the back of the plane.


Waiting to board.


On the plane. We got the bassinet!


10:30 pm our first night there, these are very jet lagged babies.


Scenes from our trip: the market, brunch, a baby that doesn’t want to sleep, sabbas headphones.


The pool


The dead sea


The namal play place.


Scenes from our trip, playing on the patio, my market find, juice break, meals on the go.


Kids store Shilav play area


Scenes from our trip, coke in Israel, a pretty floor and a hurt toe, fresh backed goods, my favorite photo of snuggling toes


Playing in the park


Playing at sabba(granddad) and saftas (grandma) house


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  1. Taylor Stevens permalink
    August 8, 2012

    So cute, Julie! Love the pictures.

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