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How much is too much…baby clothes. | Smiling Watermelon
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How much is too much…baby clothes.

by Juliemara

One big thing that I have learned about having baby girls is that they don’t need that much clothing. Yes, a lot of the dresses and two piece outfits are cute enough to die for and for the most part the stuff is reasonably priced, but there are only so many days in a babies first year and they grow so fast! I think it’s more painful to have to pack away an outfit that you loved in the store with only having put it on your baby once or twice because you were saving it for a special occasion or their just weren’t enough days to wear everything more than a time or two.

This was defiantly the case in my house, as I sort through the piles of clothing the girls can no longer wear I am astonished at the amount of outfits they had and barely wore.

The girls received these adorable tutu tanks as baby gifts.

I really wanted photos of them in them sitting up before they grew out of them, they are 0-6 size. So I took them for pictures at the beginning of May but they still were not siting up on their own. I love the photo anyway.

A few weeks ago I decided to put the girls back in the tutu tanks to see if they still fit, they do! And I think they will for a little while because of the racer back style!



The girls had a ball playing their new favorite game of jump around on the couch in their frilly tutu tanks.













So when it comes time for you to fill a closet full of beautiful frocks for your little one, accept this advice. Get a few things that are made of beautiful fabrics and full in the rest of your needs with gifts and hand me downs. Take the money you saved on clothes they’ll never wear and buy them beautiful outfits for all of their special occasions for years to come and let them wear your favorites completely out! Seeing them play in these outfits and keeping those memories will mean much more to you than keeping them in a box for one day down the road.

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  1. August 13, 2012

    Oh. The clothing is sooooo cute! I love it!! The colors are all beautiful. Baby is very lovely after wore it.

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