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What every baby needs – a silver rattle of course.

by Juliemara

I always knew that a silver baby rattle was a popular gift to give a baby, but it always seemed a bit obsurd to me. Why does a baby need a rattle made out of silver when they have so many made from plastic or plush? Well let me tell you, every baby NEEDS a silver rattle.

Here’s why, babies love rattles because they make noise, they love shiny things, and silver rattles have rounded nobs or balls on the ends, so they roll like a ball, which makes a great baby toy in itself, it’s like a rattle, a mirror and a ball all in one! Put an initial or a date on it and now you have a keepsake! So it’s a 4-in-1! Could there be a more perfect gift?

My babies didn’t get silver rattles for their birthday (the day they were born. Don’t worry you didn’t miss their first birthday yet, it’s October 2012) . I wasn’t too worried until they started to get a bit older and demonstrate their interest, such as things that make noise, are shiny and roll. I thought about buying them silver rattles myself but I decided to ask my parents to get them instead. And they did!



They are the most beautiful rattles and the girls adore them!









So if you know a baby or one that’s on the way, I highly recommend a shiny silver baby rattle as the perfect gift. Here’s one similar to the ones my parents got the girls.


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