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by Juliemara

It’s amazing how quickly the girls are growing and how fast they use and are done with baby gear before they move on to the next level of gear. But one thing we have learned is to not get rid of anything because you may find a different use for it later on.

For example when the babies were first born we fed them using the small 6 ounce Gerber Essential bottles but as they got older and I stopped breast feeding they needed more formula we started using the larger 9 ounce bottles. But now at 9 months the girls are starting to eat more food and less formula so we are back to using the smaller bottles.

Same scenario with a pack of terry bibs I bought when the girls were just a few days old. They worked great for keeping babies dry from drool but didn’t do much when it came to keeping formula that dripped down their chin from soaking their clothes, so we packed away the terry bibs and had to switch to plastic lined bibs. And now that the girls are super messy eaters those terry bibs have been reinstated and have come I really handy.

My husband bought the girls this baby pool and balls when they were just holding their heads up, they loved it then and still love it now, Climbing in and out, in and out or chasing the balls all over our family room.

Talia in pink, Jordan in Purple











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