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New Obsession! | Smiling Watermelon
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New Obsession!

by Juliemara

I’ve always been a little obsessed with the color orange, well at least since I started planning our wedding a few years ago, I wanted everyone in orange (except me, of course. But my toes were orange!)



Then when I started planning the girls nursery I knew I wanted orange, it ended up more pink, but I do love the orange touches.
Now that we are finally getting around to actually decorating our home I want orange! I have thought about orange pillows for the couch, orange chairs for the girl play table,
maybe orange paint on the back of the book cases, umm, probably not. Might be too much, but Yellow could work!
(my orange obsession is turning into a yellow one). Plus the yellow fixes a little color issue we have. Remember Kate from Censational Girl and her fab fuax built-ins from ikea. She installed them next to grey walls so the fact that ikea white is actually cream didn’t matter, especially since she added true white trim and a deep turq background. In our living room we have white white walls, so next to them ikea white looks beige and I don’t like beige, its a non color in my world.

I am hoping that by painting the backs of the book shelves bright yellow it will trick the eye and give the illusion that the ikea white (cream) bookshelves are much whiter than they really are and we will add moldings in white white to help the trick along. Stay tuned!
Wait, there more to this story, I have in no way abandoned my love of orange, the other day I stumbled across this cute little ceramic pig available on Etsy by way of a beautiful mess blog
Cute, is’t he.
I think he will look nice on the new shelves with a yellow background.

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