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Baby pictures

by Juliemara

Obviously I love pictures. I love pictures of my girls. I don’t think I take enough pictures, I should be taking 100 everyday.

20120723-231018.jpgI also love pictures of pretty things, which is why I follow people like Jen Gotch and Bonnie Tsang on instagram.

20120723-231027.jpgJenn Gotch

20120723-231034.jpgBonnie Tsang

I don’t think I am a very good photographer, I try to pay attention to what photographers, like Bonnie, do to make their images so appealing, and I still only love about 1 in one-hundred photos that I take, which is why I need to take one hundred pictures every day. And on top of that I feel like I have missed my chance for certain photo ops of the girls. Such as the cute baby wrapped in a towel after bath time or any photo that requires baby to stay in one place for more than half a second.
After many attempt I was able to get a few cute ones if Miss Talia, but Miss Jordan had more important places to be.




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