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Baby Swings

by Juliemara

Do you remember swinging when you were a kid? Who pushed you? Do you remember when you learned how to pump your legs at just the right time to gain momentum so you went higher and higher. Then, getting a little scared when you went so high the swing stopped for a split second then jerked before it swung back down. And then there was the first time you decided to jump off the swing just as it was arching to its highest point, you did it, but it hurt your hands, probably didn’t do that again. And after learning all about swinging and all the different things you can do on a swing, twist it and spin, stand on it, swing on your belly or throw your head back and watch the world up side down, all there was left to do was swing, up and down, up and down, watching the world move down and up, down and up, feeling the wind in your face, hoping that no one else wants a turn on this swing. These are the moments that being a kid are made of, swings are a great place to waste away the day as a kid or when you grow up and become an adult swings make for a great place to talk about life late into the night. This past weekend we took the girls swinging, it was their third time, but the first that they showed us how much they loved this new experience. I wonder if they have any idea that they will get to swing for the rest of their lives.
Talia in yellow, Jordan in purple.




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