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A day in the life,,,

by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan have full days. A normal day looks like this…
6am wake up with a yell and some screaming. Either my husband or I take who ever wakes up first or both to the playroom off the family room (which for now is also our guest room). They play for a little while. The goal is to not start breakfast before 7, maybe eventually the girls will get the hint that there is no reason to wake up before its time to eat, then they will sleep until 7! The babies usually play in the kitchen while I get breakfast ready.



Then it breakfast time. Lately the girls have for breakfast a few Cheerios, a pumpkin pancake, and some of either banana, avocado, or apple purée. I like to coat the banana and avocado in baby oatmeal so they are easier for little fingers to pick up and I usually add some baby oatmeal to the apple purée so it’s not so watery.


After breakfast the girls usually take a short nap, but it depends on what time they wake up, earlier than 7 they defiantly need the nap, after 7 they can usually hold out until their late morning nap.


After nap time it’s time to eat again. For first lunch the girls get to eat some beans and broccoli or quinoa and a veggie and maybe some tiny cheese cubes.




Then it play time! The girls still live their doorway jumpers.


Or they play with their friend giant bear!


20120716-232456.jpgafter that their nanny takes them for a walk in the stroller. They usually fall asleep on the walk for an hour or so. After the walk they eat again! For second lunch they have chicken or fish or turkey and some pasta or brown rice and a veggie.



After second lunch it’s afternoon nap time. Ideally this nap is 2 hours long. It’s not usually that long, average is an hour and 15 minutes.
When they wake up it’s play time again! If it’s a nice afternoon, sunny but not too hot they will play I the baby pool on the deck, but if it’s not a nice day they will play inside

And sometime they play in the indoor pool!



Once the water gets old the girls practice standing!



20120716-235006.jpgtowards the end of the afternoon the girls usually eat again and maybe go on another walk, and then I get home. At 6:30 the girls eat dinner, then bath at 7:30, then bottles and bed. And in what seems like a few short hours later it all starts over. I don’t even mind when they wake in the middle of the night, I love spending time with them, even at 3am.

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