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9 Months Old | Smiling Watermelon
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9 Months Old

by Juliemara

Um, really?! Crawling, Standing, walking along the edge of the couch. Eating finger food, ALL KINDS! And worst of all drinking out of a sippy cup. What are my babies thinking trying to do more and become little people and less baby like. I mean I’ve only had them for nine months! What, next? Are they going to try to walk or something before they turn one?

9_month_babies9_month_babiesTalia, Jordan


I’m joking,  i know that my sweet happy little babies are doing all the things they are suppose to do and they are doing them so well. Talia mastered crawling about a week before Jordan, which made Jordan very frustrated, and even though it was only a few weeks ago it feels like an eternity ago that Jordan couldn’t crawl. Jordan started pulling up, mostly on me and then on the couch and toys a week or so before Talia, but now Talia has become very determined to find her balance and will pull up and fall down over and over and over. It’s really funny to see them standing, just a few months ago they couldn’t even sit them selves up, now they can go where they want and stand up to reach things, look in the mirror or out the window. They get so proud of them selves when they accomplish one of these feats and the smiles that plaster across their faces are just to die for. And in the last few days Miss Jordan learned how to clap, it is so cute.


The girls are home with the nanny during the week they go on the occasional outing here and there but for the most part they are home playing with one of their four gazillion toys. So on the weekends we LOVE getting out with the girls and going to the pool or swinging at the park, or to a restaurant for breakfast or dinner.  The girls sit in the high chair and just watching them pick up food struggle to get in into their mouths and chew it with their all but toothless mouths is such fun entertainment.

There are definitely new challenges with this age, like the amount of time it takes for these girls to eat a meal. They eat four/five times a day, each meal takes about 30-45 minutes, then they get a bottle. Between the meals and the naps it seems as though we are back in the eat, sleep, poop phase again. But at the same time the most important thing that we as parents have learned in the past nine months is that as quickly as a phase starts, it stops just as quickly and we are faced with new challenges and decisions to make on how to deal with them.

My husband and I break the bed time rules probably more often than we should because we just hate for the day to end and want to play with our sweet little babies for just a few more minutes. If the girls don’t fall asleep with in a few minutes of putting them to bed, and cry more than we are comfortable to listen to we will go and get them out of their cribs and let them play for 15 or 20 more minutes, then they usually fall right asleep when we do put them back in bed.

Happy 9 months little babies!



These white couch photo shoots have become much more difficult since the girls are more mobile now, that and the fact that their favorite game to play is jump off the couch, usually it’s into our arms, but they have not distinguished the difference between “I’ll catch you” and “stay on the couch”. So my husband has to back me up during the photo shoots to make sure that no babies face plant off the couch. HE does such a good job.


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  1. July 16, 2012

    Wow – your little ones are growing so fast, and are beautiful! I still avidly read your blog for suggestions and advice on raising twins. My little boy and girl are 6 months today! Keep up the great blogging – it’s very reassuring!

  2. July 16, 2012

    Thank you Ally! Six months is when they stop growing so fast but they start learning too fast! Stock up on purees and finger foods they will either devour it or throw it all on the floor!

  3. Dad permalink
    July 16, 2012

    What will they be doing next? Before you know they are off the college, and have a boy friend. Enjoy every second now.

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