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That dress, the one with the stripes…

by Juliemara

A while ago I was introduced to a blog called The GLOW,


it’s about women who work, they all have incredibly successful careers in fashion, design and style, they all have children and they all struggle to balance the two. Whenever I am feeling pulled too much by being away from my girls all day, five days a week I think about most of the women in the modern world who work and parent and I visit this website to see that even the most beautiful, skinny, successful women feel sad that they can not be with their children all day long. While visiting this site I stumbled across this photo of the cutest little red striped dressgirls_red_striped_dress Her mom, Lauren Moffatt, a designer, made it for her from a women’s shirt from H&M. Great I can sew, too bad H & M doesn’t have that shirt any more. But look what I found!girls_red_striped_dress

Not exactly the same, toned down quite a bit, but I think I like it even more. Problem is this brand The Brand doesn’t have an E-store! Why don’t they have an E-store?! My search continues…

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