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A Chicken Farm, with goats, and cats and a cow!

by Juliemara


Some would call it a nightmare, I would call it a dream, to live on a small family farm. 10-15 acres with a comfortable house, lots of trees to sit or swing under, a cow or two, some chickens for eggs and maybe for eating, a goat and a garden with herbs and tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers and watermelon of course! It’s one of those dreams that if the opportunity arises we would jump on it but not the kind of dream that we would put every ounce of effort and energy towards achieving, living walking distance to the grocery store and library and a short drive to family and friends also has it’s perks.

While we don’t live on a farm ourselves, we love to live vicariously through those who do. We had the opportunity to visit with our friends Mike and Faye who do live on a farm! It was just under an hour north of Atlanta, we went to visit on a Saturday. We had the most amazing time, starting with a delicious  lunch made mostly from food items that were produced on their farm.

Caprese salad with mozzarella made from the cows milk, and basil and tomatoes grown in the garden. Egg salad made with the eggs that her chickens lay and cucumber soup from home grown cucumbers. Faye even made blackberry jam from blackberries she picked on her road! She also made baby biscuits for the girls. They tasted like cheese straws but not spicy and would dissolve in your mouth and crumble in the babies hands, they loved them. But not as much as they loved the animals that lived on the farm!

Talia immediately tried to make friends with the family cats, one of which was a kitten, the kitten also liked Talia. The problem is that when a kitten likes someone she wants to play, with her claws, so we had to be very careful with the cats around the babies. I want them to love animals, not to have a bad experience and be afraid of them. One of the family cats was very accustomed to being pulled and pushed so she didn’t mind Talia pulling on her fur , she just laid there and let her play with her, until Talia got bored and made her way to the water bowl.


After lunch we headed out back to see the other animals. First we saw the chickens, we saw the chickens inside the coup staying cool in the shade and laying their eggs, then we saw the other chickens and roosters and the teenage chickens.


We sat for a while and played with the baby goat.baby_goatfarmbaby_goatchicken_farmbaby_goatchicken_farmbaby_goatbaby_goatchicken_farm

Then we went to see the other goats and the dogs, they liked to snuggle, which hurt, goats have horns,  so we didn’t stay there long. We also saw the giant dogs and the garden. We went back inside to see the baby chickens but I didn’t take any pictures in there, sorry. When we go back I promise I’ll get some pics of the cute little fuzzy chickieschicken_farmchicken_farmchicken_farmbaby_goatchicken_farm

It was a very warm day, little Jordan got hat head!.


It was such a fun experience for us and for the girls, they are so calm around animals we hope we will get to come back to the farm again soon and maybe go visit the Atlanta  Zoo when the weather cools off.

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