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We have teeth!

by Juliemara

I finally got the babies to open wide and show us the pearly whites! Both Talia and Jordan started cutting their bottom front left tooth about a month ago and now the bottom front right tooth is quickly popping up. The first week or so of the teething experience gave us some very fussy babies, Jordan especially, she wanted to be held all the time. The best teething item I have found so far is a wet baby washcloth in the freezer for 5 or ten minutes. It’s ok if it stays longer it’s just harder when it comes out, but quickly softens up and becomes a great teether. The cold wash cloth is nice for the babies to hold on their walks in the afternoon when it so hot outside. It’s really fun to watch the girls figure out how useful these teeth are, more and more they are biting off bits of food that we give them, bread, rice cakes, waffles, my next goal is to get a photo of their little bite marks!

Miss Jordan and her two front teeth


Miss Talia and her two front teeth.

(she’s covered in avocado!)


If you click on Talia’s photo the picture will open wider and you can really see the teeth.


What are your favorite healthy foods to feed baby?

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