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What’s with all the characters!

by Juliemara

You know what we use a lot of around here, Diapers Diapers Diaper Diapers. I told you about how I get a good price on diapers by signing up for amazon mom and using their subscribe & save option, even if I only plan to purchase something one time.

What I didn’t mention is how much I hate the characters all over diapers, particularly size three and up pampers with the giant Elmo on the tush. Not only is it ugly and takes away from the cuteness of baby in diaper only photos but it’s an evil marketing scheme with life long effects! Ok, maybe that sounds a little dramatic but here’s the deal. Babies get thier diaper changed between 6 and ten times a day, that’s about 50 diapers a week and 200 a month every time you change your babies diaper you talk to her, about what? Well in our house we talk about what ever comes to mind and a lot of times that is the character glaring you in the face from the diaper! “oh look sweet baby A look who’s on your diaper, Elmo! Elmo is your friend” so even if you only talk about the character on the diaper every third time you change her diaper your baby hears about these characters 800 times by the time they are 1 year old. It only takes hearing/doing something 28 times to make it habit, so without even realizing it in our new mommy haze we are actually creating an addiction for our children, an addiction of annoying cartoon characters. Now, those characters didn’t just happen upon the diapers Disney pays huggies and sesame street pays pampers a lot of money to have those images on the diapers because even at a young age and with our 800+ reinforcements of these characters our children quickly develope a desire to have those characters in thier lives in other ways -the doll, the band aids that are convienetly placed at eye level of a child in the store. I am not against popular culture or brand marketing I actually applause companies for having unique marketing strategies, it shows creativity, but when that marketing becomes part of my personal landscape it bothers me, i.e. baby pictures with images if Elmo and cookie monster. Ok, I promise I am getting to my point. Seventh generation, the all natural cleaning and a lot more stuff makes diapers, plain beige diapers. And while I am usually the anti beige here is where I make an exception. I love these diapers I think they are beautifully boring, yup I did, I called diapers beautiful. They are more expensive than the major brands but if you think about all the money you will save down the road when your kid dosent know to ask for every Elmo/Bert&Ernie/Big Bird/ Mickey Mouse thing she sees, the cost of he plain diapers is cheaper!










By the way honest also makes really cute diapers,


but they are painfully expensive, I bought one pack for Fun, and it was but now we will be using a combination of Huggies, Pampers and Seventh Generation. Huggies makes great nighttime diapers and bottom line they are just cheaper. But for dressing up its Seventh Generation, no elmo see through issues in this house!

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  1. July 6, 2012

    I am NOT looking forward to having to buy “character” diapers. I hate all things Disney (I even made a note on my baby registry that the girls didn’t want Disney things! haha)… So I can’t imagine having to look at that dumb mouse every time I changed my lil one’s diapers… Too bad they’re not reversible so we could have them do their business right on Mickey’s smug little face… Did I mention that I hate Disney? 😉

  2. July 6, 2012

    Wendy, HAHAHA, you are so funny! Walmart has parents choice, which I think are white and are also super cheap. And target has blue and greet polka dot ones that aren’t bad. As far as what works best, it doesn’t really matter, you have to change their diaper 100 times a day no matter what you use, just use what you find to be the best at night! Cant wait to see your girls!

  3. Lauren permalink
    July 9, 2012

    The 7th generation and Earth’s Best are also chlorine and bleach free so there is no chance of the baby getting chemical burn from the diaper. Some Pampers or Huggies have been recalled due to that. We use the 7th Gen or EB when we use disposable when we travel (we use cloth regularly). And on some of the 7th Generation ones there are Lorax characters on them…

  4. Dad permalink
    July 9, 2012

    No matter what you put on my grandaughters, they are very cute.

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