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2012 July | Smiling Watermelon
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by Juliemara

It’s amazing how quickly the girls are growing and how fast they use and are done with baby gear before they move on to the next level of gear. But one thing we have learned is to not get rid of anything because you may find a different use for it later on.

For example when the babies were first born we fed them using the small 6 ounce Gerber Essential bottles but as they got older and I stopped breast feeding they needed more formula we started using the larger 9 ounce bottles. But now at 9 months the girls are starting to eat more food and less formula so we are back to using the smaller bottles.

Same scenario with a pack of terry bibs I bought when the girls were just a few days old. They worked great for keeping babies dry from drool but didn’t do much when it came to keeping formula that dripped down their chin from soaking their clothes, so we packed away the terry bibs and had to switch to plastic lined bibs. And now that the girls are super messy eaters those terry bibs have been reinstated and have come I really handy.

My husband bought the girls this baby pool and balls when they were just holding their heads up, they loved it then and still love it now, Climbing in and out, in and out or chasing the balls all over our family room.

Talia in pink, Jordan in Purple











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A do-it-ourselves bookshelf project

by Juliemara

We have stuff, and lots of it. In our old place we had two three foot wide bookshelves built into the wall in our dinning room, in this new house we have no built in shelves, there isn’t even a linen closet. We have to be creative on how to create easy to access storage. Sure the giant basement is great but we think it’s about time to unpack those boxes of books that have been there for a year.

I’d like to introduce you to Kate, the woman behind Censational Girl Blog and all her DIY home improvement goodness. She also wanted a beautiful place to showcase her books and trinkets, but she didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for custom built ins. What a coincidence! Neither do we!20120726-100628.jpg
Instead she used billy bookcases from ikea, jazzed them up with some fancy trim and walla, what looks like professional built inns are actually easy to assemble MDF bookshelves with some painted trim glued on, check out her complete how to tutorial here.
And here is our progress
Our big blank empty wall.
Filled with billy bookcases.
Ok it’s not much progress but we have been a little busy, we’ll get to it eventually.
20120725-222652.jpgNext step is to get rid of the toe moulding and elevate the bookcases a bit so the bottom shelf height matches the moulding.20120725-222707.jpgWish us luck!

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New Obsession!

by Juliemara

I’ve always been a little obsessed with the color orange, well at least since I started planning our wedding a few years ago, I wanted everyone in orange (except me, of course. But my toes were orange!)



Then when I started planning the girls nursery I knew I wanted orange, it ended up more pink, but I do love the orange touches.
Now that we are finally getting around to actually decorating our home I want orange! I have thought about orange pillows for the couch, orange chairs for the girl play table,
maybe orange paint on the back of the book cases, umm, probably not. Might be too much, but Yellow could work!
(my orange obsession is turning into a yellow one). Plus the yellow fixes a little color issue we have. Remember Kate from Censational Girl and her fab fuax built-ins from ikea. She installed them next to grey walls so the fact that ikea white is actually cream didn’t matter, especially since she added true white trim and a deep turq background. In our living room we have white white walls, so next to them ikea white looks beige and I don’t like beige, its a non color in my world.

I am hoping that by painting the backs of the book shelves bright yellow it will trick the eye and give the illusion that the ikea white (cream) bookshelves are much whiter than they really are and we will add moldings in white white to help the trick along. Stay tuned!
Wait, there more to this story, I have in no way abandoned my love of orange, the other day I stumbled across this cute little ceramic pig available on Etsy by way of a beautiful mess blog
Cute, is’t he.
I think he will look nice on the new shelves with a yellow background.

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Guess who got a puppy?!

by Juliemara

Ok, not a real puppy but fun none the less and there were plenty of kisses to go around.









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A playtime video

by Juliemara

A fun video for you!


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Baby pictures

by Juliemara

Obviously I love pictures. I love pictures of my girls. I don’t think I take enough pictures, I should be taking 100 everyday.

20120723-231018.jpgI also love pictures of pretty things, which is why I follow people like Jen Gotch and Bonnie Tsang on instagram.

20120723-231027.jpgJenn Gotch

20120723-231034.jpgBonnie Tsang

I don’t think I am a very good photographer, I try to pay attention to what photographers, like Bonnie, do to make their images so appealing, and I still only love about 1 in one-hundred photos that I take, which is why I need to take one hundred pictures every day. And on top of that I feel like I have missed my chance for certain photo ops of the girls. Such as the cute baby wrapped in a towel after bath time or any photo that requires baby to stay in one place for more than half a second.
After many attempt I was able to get a few cute ones if Miss Talia, but Miss Jordan had more important places to be.




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A perfect morning

by Juliemara

It was a fun weekend and all if the sudden here we are at the start of another week. I am really tired, I have been up for at least an hour every night for the past 10 nights. Jordan is still sick with a runny nose and cough, and Talia just wakes up because she is a baby and that’s just what babies do sometimes.

I love it when my children play together nicely. They do it often. It usually doesn’t last very long, 5 minutes, before some one starts crying, but that’s five minutes that I get to lay on he couch and close my eyes or, even better, write this blog post!



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Having a sick baby

by Juliemara

It started with Jordan, a low grade fever that quickly tuned into a nose that acts like a faucet of snot. Luckily it’s clear, unfortunately my poor baby can’t breath through her nose. So she spends her days with her mouth hanging open to breath and the drool pouring out.

All the while the snot continues to run down her face. Every once in a while she’ll sneeze and more snot than you can imagine flies from her nose and lands everywhere. Then she cries, we wipe her face, she cries, then she continues doing what ever she was doing, eating or playing. Despite being a sick baby she is still a happy baby.




The first few nights of the cold we’re a bit of a challenge. It’s hard to sleep when you can’t breath, same goes for babies. She was up for several hours each night all this week, needless to say we are tired. We are doing all the little things that are recommended to help – a cold mist humidifier running while they sleep, saline nose drops to loosen the snot, a bulb syringe to suction it out, lots of fluids, lots of rest, some apple juice (they don’t like it), camomile tea and chicken soup. I even got all natural warming chest rub, which I think is the most helpful thing we’ve tried. Last night she did way better, I think she is learning how to sleep with a cold. Now if she could just learn how to blow her nose.

Today Talia was not herself. She had a low grade fever all day. I really hope it doesn’t turn into the super annoying cold Jordan is dealing with.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

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Baby Swings

by Juliemara

Do you remember swinging when you were a kid? Who pushed you? Do you remember when you learned how to pump your legs at just the right time to gain momentum so you went higher and higher. Then, getting a little scared when you went so high the swing stopped for a split second then jerked before it swung back down. And then there was the first time you decided to jump off the swing just as it was arching to its highest point, you did it, but it hurt your hands, probably didn’t do that again. And after learning all about swinging and all the different things you can do on a swing, twist it and spin, stand on it, swing on your belly or throw your head back and watch the world up side down, all there was left to do was swing, up and down, up and down, watching the world move down and up, down and up, feeling the wind in your face, hoping that no one else wants a turn on this swing. These are the moments that being a kid are made of, swings are a great place to waste away the day as a kid or when you grow up and become an adult swings make for a great place to talk about life late into the night. This past weekend we took the girls swinging, it was their third time, but the first that they showed us how much they loved this new experience. I wonder if they have any idea that they will get to swing for the rest of their lives.
Talia in yellow, Jordan in purple.




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A day in the life,,,

by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan have full days. A normal day looks like this…
6am wake up with a yell and some screaming. Either my husband or I take who ever wakes up first or both to the playroom off the family room (which for now is also our guest room). They play for a little while. The goal is to not start breakfast before 7, maybe eventually the girls will get the hint that there is no reason to wake up before its time to eat, then they will sleep until 7! The babies usually play in the kitchen while I get breakfast ready.



Then it breakfast time. Lately the girls have for breakfast a few Cheerios, a pumpkin pancake, and some of either banana, avocado, or apple purée. I like to coat the banana and avocado in baby oatmeal so they are easier for little fingers to pick up and I usually add some baby oatmeal to the apple purée so it’s not so watery.


After breakfast the girls usually take a short nap, but it depends on what time they wake up, earlier than 7 they defiantly need the nap, after 7 they can usually hold out until their late morning nap.


After nap time it’s time to eat again. For first lunch the girls get to eat some beans and broccoli or quinoa and a veggie and maybe some tiny cheese cubes.




Then it play time! The girls still live their doorway jumpers.


Or they play with their friend giant bear!


20120716-232456.jpgafter that their nanny takes them for a walk in the stroller. They usually fall asleep on the walk for an hour or so. After the walk they eat again! For second lunch they have chicken or fish or turkey and some pasta or brown rice and a veggie.



After second lunch it’s afternoon nap time. Ideally this nap is 2 hours long. It’s not usually that long, average is an hour and 15 minutes.
When they wake up it’s play time again! If it’s a nice afternoon, sunny but not too hot they will play I the baby pool on the deck, but if it’s not a nice day they will play inside

And sometime they play in the indoor pool!



Once the water gets old the girls practice standing!



20120716-235006.jpgtowards the end of the afternoon the girls usually eat again and maybe go on another walk, and then I get home. At 6:30 the girls eat dinner, then bath at 7:30, then bottles and bed. And in what seems like a few short hours later it all starts over. I don’t even mind when they wake in the middle of the night, I love spending time with them, even at 3am.

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